June 29, 2018

10 short books for busy carers

*These resources are available for loan to members of Dementia Australia  - if you would like to reserve them please email the library nsw.library@dementia.org.au or download from our overdrive eLibrary 

When reasoning no longer works : a practical guide for caregivers dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's care

So many families deal with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia on a daily basis. 
They do this with little training, and often only their good intentions guide them. 
When Reasoning No Longer Works is the training manual these family caregivers have been searching for.Written by a Gerontologist with more than twenty years of experience, this reference gives the reader an easy to understand view of what dementia does to the brain, how it is diagnosed, and most importantly, how to deal with its effects.
Bulleted lists clearly explain:
  • How to avoid a catastrophic reaction
  • Specific approaches for aggressive behavior
  • How to deal with disruptive behaviors
  • Ways to diminish wandering
  • What to do when a wanderer is missing
  • When to look for outside help
You'll also follow the story of Lou and Rose, a couple who share their lives with Alzheimer's disease. Together, they find the answers to questions caregivers and victims are sometimes afraid to ask.

Healing your grieving heart when someone you care about has Alzheimer's : 100 practical ideas for families, friends, and caregivers

Navigating the challenging journey that families and friends of Alzheimer's patients must endure, this heartfelt guide reveals how their struggle is as complex and drawn out as the illness itself. Confronting their natural but difficult process of grieving and mourning, the study covers the inevitable feelings of shock, sadness, anger, guilt, and relief, illustrating the initial reactions people commonly feel from the moment of the dementia's onset. Healthy and productive ways to acknowledge and express these feelings are suggested along with 100 tips and activities that fulfill the emotion

The aged care book : a guidebook for families of those in old age

Dr Sebastian Rees is an experienced Australian General Practitioner working in Aged Care. Sebastian has a deep interest in the care for the elderly and is passionate about increasing society's health literacy of old age, death and dying. 

His is a model of care which meets the increasing demand for healthcare from an ageing population and helps to train the health professionals of tomorrow. 

Dr Rees is also the co-founder of GenWise Health - Australia's leading national aged care general practice, winner of the 2017 Telstra Australian Business of the Year and category winner in the 2017 Australian Business Awards. GenWise 

Forgetiquette What to do when someone you love begins to forget. Having a loved one with memory loss is no laughing matter, but a little humour can helpWith her sage advice and trademark irreverence, Joan Sauers helps to relieve the frustration of dealing with dementia sufferers while offering practical advice that will help you help them. Above all she reminds you that, though it may feel like the loneliest job in the world, you are not alone, a very quick and helpful read! 
This book has proved very popular with carers who need a bit of a smile to deal with life as a carer  & a simple quote to ponder on.

10 helpful hints for dementia design at home : practical design solutions for carers living at home with someone who has dementia 
It provides simple and practical design solutions to adapt the living environment for people with dementia so that they can live independently for as long as possible.
Covering topics such as lighting, interior décor, sound and use of assistive technology it gives advice on how these elements can be used to their best advantage in the homes of people living with dementia

Creating moments of joy : for the person with Alzheimer's or dementia
When a person has short-term memory loss, his life is made up of moments. We are not able to create a perfectly wonderful day with those who have dementia, but it is absolutely attainable to create perfectly wonderful moments—moments that put smiles on their faces, a twinkle in their eyes, or trigger memories. Five minutes later, they won’t remember what you did or said, but the feeling you left them with will linger.

Within the sections are smaller steps. At the end of each step is a place where you can journal your thoughts, solutions, and treasures to help you achieve the overall goal of creating many moments of joy for the person with dementia, and for YOU!

also available as an eBook
Creating Moments of Joy along the Alzheimer's Journey - eBook
To borrow or reserve this item please email NSW.Library@dementia.org.au
or download from our overdrive link 

The selfish pig's guide to caring

Be ing a carer is long, lonely and hard, yet there is limited support and formal training. As a result, carers suffer frequent damage to physical and mental health. Oddly, though carers by definition are anything but selfish pigs, they are liable to feelings of guilt, probably brought on by fatigue and isolation. So Hugh Marriott has written this book for them - and also for the rest of us who don’t know what being a carer is all about. His aim is bring into the open everything he wishes he'd been told when he first became a carer. And he does. The book airs such topics as sex, thoughts of murder, and dealing with the responses of friends and officials who fail to understand.

Let's talk dementia : a caregiver's guide

Certified Dementia Specialist and caregiver to her mother, helps to educate the reader on the various forms of dementia. She also provides hands-on tips that make life easier for the caregiver and better for the loved one with dementia. The book is scattered with "smiles" that brighten the day. The author reminds the readers of her motto-"Knowledge brings POWER. Power brings HOPE, and HOPE brings SMILES." You've just got to laugh! "Let's Talk Dementia is an informative and reassuring guide that will help you through what, for many people, can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

eBooks on communication also include:

*this book is available in 3 formats - paper back on CD or download on your overdrive app

Their application of the five love languages creates a new way to touch the lives of those who have Alzheimer’s, as well as their caregivers. 

Barr, Shaw and Chapman explain an underlying principle of hesed love, and emphasize that it is an imperative component of dementia care. With no cures or permanent treatments for dementia, hesed love is the only hopeful solution. 
This collaborative work between a healthcare professional, caregiver, and relationship expert will: provide an overview of the love languages and Alzheimer’s diseasecorrelate the love languages with the developments of the stages of AD; discuss how both the caregiver and care receiver can apply the love languages; address the challenges and stresses of the caregiver journey; and offer personal stories and case studies about maintaining emotional intimacy amidst AD.

The easiest way to read an eBook is to simply choose "READ IN BROWSER"

Talking to Alzheimer's - eBook
also in paperback

This book offers a wealth of practical things you can do to stay connected with the person living with dementia  in your life. 

It offers straightforward suggestions and invaluable do's and don'ts, with advice on everything from dealing effectively with the inevitable repetition that occurs in conversations,  to helpful strategies for saying no to unrealistic demands. 

It also includes thoughtful tips to remind you to take care of your own feelings and suggestions for helping children become comfortable with visiting your friend or loved one living with dementia.

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