May 25, 2018

... from a letter received from a carer of a person with frontotemporal dementia, resource list and reviews: for family carers and healthcare professionals

*These DVDs and books are available to members of dementia Australia library NSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on

“Dear library,
Thank you so much for the life changing resources which you have shared with me.
As a family member of a person with dementia, I wish I could ask any person who cares for my mum to have read or watched the [following] resources. 
*They changed the course of my carer journey with my mum.  I think they would inspire any carer (family, friend or professional) to approach each day with greater enthusiasm and intention to create moments of joy; and with a set of skills that make each day more pleasant for both the person with dementia and the carer. ”

Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey
This book, as it is titled, is about creating moments of joy for the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Brackey shows how many opportunities we have each day to enhance a person’s quality of life, help maintain their dignity, bring some joy and happiness into each day and avoid unnecessary distress.
“After reading this book, rather than waking each day feeling I had to just “get through the day”, I wake with the intention to see how many moments of joy I can create for my mum that day.”  

It’s all in Your approach with Teepa Snow (DVD)
Teepa Snow is an internationally acclaimed dementia care specialist and educator; an exceptional and highly motivational speaker. In this DVD she teaches how a person with dementia perceives his/her environment. She demonstrates how to properly adapt one’s own behavior to increase communication and the patient’s quality of life; techniques to improve communication, mutual understanding, and how to better manage distress.

Understanding  Frontotemporal Dementia with Teepa Snow
Frontotemporal Dementia is particularly challenging for families and professional carers. Odd, impulsive, compulsive and irrational behaviours, and potential loss of language are just a few of the symptoms. Teepa covers the topic with clarity  and provides extremely usable techniques to manage this condition in a way that improves the quality of life of the person with FTD and makes the role of the carer so much less stressful.  
“These DVDs literally changed my life. I wish I could give copies to every person I meet who cares for people with  FTD or any dementia. Life and caring for my mum became so much easier after adopting Teepa’s approach”.

Other Teepa Snow DVDs available in the Dementia Australia Library include:
·         Challenging Behaviours in Dementia Care: Recognizing and Meeting Un met Needs
·         Filling the Day with Meaning
·         Advanced Care Skills in Late Stage Dementia
·         In-home Dementia Care: Tips and Techniques
·         The Journey of Dementia
·         Progression of Dementia: Seeing Gems – Not Just Loss

Resources for Managers:

Leading with heart in dementia care (DVD) - David M Sheard
David M Sheard is recognised as a challenging and motivational speaker, and as a leading dementia care consultant. He advocates a person centred approach. There are multiple Sheard resources in the Dementia Australia library.

This DVD focuses on inspiring leadership in dementia care. It shows that person centred and relationship focused dementia care can be a reality, focusing on how person centred dementia care needs leaders with a heart for this. Key learning messages include
·         Leading with heart matters more than managing hands
·         Energising people who want the same dream is vital
·         Attached leadership not detached management delivers results
·         Driven leaders inspire teams with an infectious passion

How to Get your Staff Engaged in Better Care Techniques – Teepa Snow
In this DVD Teepa shows how to motivate staff to learn, embrace and regularly use new skills. She shows how to propel your managerial techniques from traditional supervising to effective coaching and how best to guide staff during challenging behaviours and care situations.
“I would hope that the management of any care service provider where my mum may possibly  land up would be familiar with these.”

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