July 11, 2017

tried and tested card games for people with dementia

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Magic memories : a walk down memory game : a game for two or more players

Often people in early stages of dementia lose their short-term memory but their ability to reminisce can be extraordinary. 

The game was designed as a simple aid to reminiscence groups which is not competitive and can be played in a variety of situations. It's ideal for families or co-ordinators of residential and community based settings.

Review by Lauretta Kaldor - diversional therapist : Brain workout cards and books

The Attainments Company have published sets of flash cards which can be the basis of mental fitness programs for seniors and for people who have early dementia.

  • 100 sturdy cards and an instruction booklet on the best way to use the cards. 

  •  suggests the reminiscing of individual senses by reading the card which then encourages discussion.

  • Example of a card that suggests all the senses (in large print).

  • Think back to your childhood. Who was your favourite relative or friend to visit? Did he or she make you special things to eat with unique smells? What kind of music was playing when you visited? Did you just play and visit?

  • Each Mental Fitness card has a short task to complete that will sharpen the mind- many amazing yet simple ideas that make not only good activity ideas but are great common sense!

  • These sets make great activity programs for recreation staff, carers and group leaders.

Lauretta Kaldor is a diversional therapist who has been writing manuals for leisure staff working in aged care for the last 18 years.

Thinking cards : stimulating activities for older adults with mild cognitive impairment.
Specifically designed for older adults with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer's Disease. These 100 mental exercises, activities and memory tips keep the mind active and strengthen existing skills while users have fun! Activities include brainstorming, word activities, memory and music, creative thinking, plus learning new ways to see, hear, touch and smell. Each card has a colourful photo on the back to illustrate its topic and encourage discussion. Ideal for use in small groups or at home. Larger type and simple text encourages hands-on participation. Instruction booklet presents strategies for using the cards, coping and memory tips and suggestions for group leaders. 100 cards, 4x6 inches, instruction booklet, and storage box.

Expand your mind cards
Expand Your Mind Cards to boost your memory. This 100 card set is for baby boomers and beyond, anyone interested in having a healthier brain! Quick, challenging activities stimulate creativity, enhance memory and lift your mood. Six categories ensure all areas of the brain are exercised. Cards can be used by one person alone or by a small group of people. Depending on the activity, some cards also work for groups of 5-15 people. Folding cards have an activity inside and a colorful, related graphic or photo on the back. Boxed set includes facilitator's booklet and 100 laminated cards that fold to 4 inches by 6 inches.

Attainment's mental fitness cards : 100 exercises for a healthy brain, aerobics for the mind
Developed by adult education specialist and teacher Marge Engelman, Ph.D., Mental Fitness Cards can be used by individuals or small groups to keep the mind active at any age. Challenging activity categories like Wake up Your Brain, Memory, Numbers, Words, Creative Problem Solving, Puzzles, and Brainstorming stimulate creative abilities and cover a wide variety of mental exercises. Some exercises look back, but most focus on living in the present and looking to the future. Mental Fitness Cards have 100 activities for keeping the mind stimulated. The boxed card set includes 100 laminated 43 x 63 mental fitness cards and an instruction booklet, which shows ways to use the cards, lists other mentally beneficial activities and explains how mental aerobics help keep the brain alert.

Sharpen your senses cards
by Kristin Einberger and Jo Reynolds
Improve mental fitness using the five senses! Sharpen Your Senses Cards concentrate on the five senses. Users imagine, reminisce, evaluate, guess, and describe their responses to each question. These activity cards are the perfect tool for using the senses to keep the brain active! Great for large or small adult groups of all ages, or for individuals seeking to improve mental fitness. Facilitator's booklet gives suggestions and additional activities. Developed by author and memory loss specialist Kristin Einberger. Boxed set includes 120 laminated 4 inch x 6 inch cards in six categories, instructions and facilitator's booklet.
Activity staff in community programs, adult day centers, assisted living communities, or long-term care settings will find the cards useful and engaging for both large and small groups. Individuals can enjoy Sharpen Your Senses Cards independently, and children can easily participate in intergenerational activities with them.

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