June 01, 2017

3 resources to help you use music with people living with dementia

*email nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au to borrow resources
 bfn Michelle 

Music remembers me - Connection and wellbeing in dementia brings to life the experience of people living with dementia and their interaction with music through an Australian-first project involving more than 700 aged care residents.

While a diagnosis of dementia may be stressful and challenging, this book equips people living with dementia and those who support them with positive, meaningful ways of using music to enjoy experiences together-maximising feeling and connection.
Music remembers me includes moving stories from music engagement - along with practical advice and tips about introducing music into daily care. Author Kirsty Beilharz has woven together fascinating insights into music, our brains and dementia with practical advice on music engagement. This ground-breaking book is written with the general reader in mind and is certain to be a vital resource for supporting people living with dementia in Australia and around the world.
*lists of music include classical; the crooners; folk and country early rock and roll and R&B and pop and rock !

Among my souvenirs : therapeutic songs for people with dementia

CD’s contain professionally prepared and recorded songs to help people with dementia participate in meaningful activities and improve their mood.


 Alive inside: A story of music & memory [DVD]
Alive Inside is a joyous cinematic exploration of music's capacity to reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett chronicles the astonishing experiences of individuals around the country who have been revitalized and awakened by the simple act of listening to the music of their youth.

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