February 07, 2017

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 Barbara, the whole story and more...

Barbara's Story : her whole journey

Training guide for staff - DVD and Resources CD + training briefing cards
Barbara’s Story  is a DVD about the experience of a person with dementia in hospital.
By following the journey of an older person with dementia through hospital, it paints a meaningful picture for all staff, even, according to Mala, moving some people to tears as they watch.

Barbara faces many challenges during her stay, including staff failing to recognise when she needs help – is in fact a positive illustration of the power of nurses to get care right.

An evaluation of Barbara€™s story : final report

Safeguarding team members facilitated a discussion after the film and highlighted key learning points the, DVDs, additional resources and facilitator guides is freely available for both Trust staff and externally and has been distributed widely: nationally and internationally.

Dr. Allen Power: Positioning and Unmet Needs in Dementia

If you saw Dr Power at the  ADI 2015 conference in Perth Enhancing Well-Being: How Do We Get There?  Or if you didn’t go to the conference and missed his presentation check out these resources - we have   DVDs   featuring him and books by him:

 Dementia beyond drugs - changing the culture of care

Embracing humanistic, enlightened practices that address all the common challenges in dementia care, this book describes culture change within residential care settings while reducing the administration of psychotropic drugs.

Dementia beyond disease - enhancing well-being 

...challenges readers to evaluate their attitudes, expectations, and approaches and to embrace new ways of thinking that will lead to better solutions to problems encountered in all types of care settings. 

Learn how to overturn the prevailing disease-based care practices by emphasizing well-being and the many ways it can be enhanced in people with dementia. See how current care practices chronically erode individual well-being and then discover more dignified and strengths-based alternatives that build it up.

Inspiring and highly readable, this book boldly confronts widely accepted dementia care practices and presents approaches that promise a new and hopeful vision for achieving the best possible outcomes for every person touched by this debilitating disease. 

Enriched care planning for people with dementia : a good practice guide for delivering person-centred care

The correlation between `disengagement' and illness in people with dementia living in long-term care settings is becoming more widely recognised, and developing and adapting front-line staff responses to the changing needs of individuals is a crucial factor in addressing this problem. 

This book presents a complete practical framework for whole person assessment, care planning and review of persons with dementia or signs of dementia (including those with learning disabilities) who are in need of, or already receiving, health and/or social support. 
The book provides photocopiable assessment forms, guidelines for carrying out the assessment, and suggestions for tailored interventions based on the profile that emerges from the assessment process. 
The authors also include a clear explanation of the five theoretical components of dementia that are considered in the assessment: health, biography, personality, neurological impairment and social psychology

Mindfulness- Based interventions for older adults 

Based on extensive clinical research, this book sheds new light onto how Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) can be used with older adults as an effective complementary intervention, identifying specific ways in which MBSR programmes can be adapted.
... positive impact on older people's psychological and spiritual wellbeing, physical health, neuropsychological performance, attitudes towards death and dying and overall quality of life. 

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