January 21, 2017

new books on Lewy Body dementia - mainly for the carer

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve any of these please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au


Going the Distance : Caring for a Loved One with Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy Body Dementia took my beloved husband Pete on March 4, 2015. Upon his diagnosis, I became Pete’s caregiver, and together we made the last months of his life a journey of love. LBD is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease and the challenges are many, but our love was strong – and it was the love that made all the difference.

Additionally, I had the many lessons of long distance swimming to buoy me through this journey. In ocean swimming you face choppy waves, relentless swells, and uncomfortably cold water. These were the physical challenges I faced as a swimmer – and also the perfect metaphors for the challenges of caregiving.

In the end, this is both a love story dedicated to my husband Pete, and a love letter to my fellow caregivers. I hope that this book gives you some solace and insight through your own missions of love.

The Long Goodbye : Lewy Body Dementia - Alzheimer's First Cousin

A ten year journey down the long spiral of Lewy Body Dementia takes a couple from an active busy-every-day life to a completely sedentary existence. This is their story.

While this was a good journal on how Lewy Body Dementia affects family members it didn't have much info on the disease or how to cope with it.

Other me's : my caregiver experience with Lewy Body Dementia

Other Me's is a detailed, personal account of how one man and his family dealt with the effects of Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinson's Disease during the last two years of his wife Diane's life. Using reflective daily journals and memory care facility notes, Jim Adams chronicles the progression of Diane's physical and mental symptoms, including Capgras Syndrome, which caused Diane to believe there were multiple versions of her husband of 52 years including several malevolent imposters.

His daughter writes on her blog....Other Me's -- My dad's caregiver experience with Lewy Body Dementia
Today marks two years since my mother's passing, and I've shared a little about her battle with Lewy Body Dementia. Well, my dad just published a book about his care giving experience. 
It was the most difficult read of my life.
It was also the most beautiful love story I've ever read.
If you are fascinated by the brain and/or psychology, you should read this. If you work with or are interested in working with dementia patients, you should read this book. If you are a care giver for anyone with dementia, you need to read this book.
It's an eye opening experience to read about. I'm sure many will read it and relate, feeling not so alone anymore. 
Lewy body dementia : what everyone needs to know
- about common LBD symptoms
- how to get a good and complete diagnosis
- about commonly prescribed anti-psychotic medications that can have potentially harmful or even deadly side effects if given to a person suffering from LBD. Know which medications are safer alternatives
- how to adapt your caregiving skills to the needs of a person with LBD
- how to utilize visual and verbal cues to increase understanding and cooperation
- about hands-on skills for LBD

My Mother, My Child : My Journal of My Beloved Mother with Lewy Body Dementia

My journal of caring for my mother for the last two years of her life with Lewy Body Dementia. All the fun we had in making the end of her life the best I could for her.
review : A book that is little, but has a deep beautiful meaning to it. Made me tear up a bit.


A caregiver's guide to lewy body dementia

A Caregivers Guide to Lewy Body Dementia is written in everyday language, and is filled with personal examples that connect to the readers' own experiences. It includes quick fact and caregiving tips for easy reference, a comprehensive resource guide, and a glossary of terms and acronyms.
This is the ideal resource for caregivers, family members, and friends of individuals seeking to understand Lewy Body Dementia.

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