November 23, 2016

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John McSweeney in concert sings 101 songs you know by heart: volume 1

Words for all 101 songs are displayed on this DVD for you to sing-a-long!
  1. MEDLEY 1: Shine On Harvest Moon/Somebody Else Is Taking My Place/Who's Sorry Now/On The Sunnyside Of The Street/I'll Be With You In/Apple Blossom Time
  3. MEDLEY 2: Sweet Georgia Brown/Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey/It's A Long Way To Tipperary/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Give My Regards To Broadway
  5. MEDLEY 3: You Will Never Grow Old/That's An Irish Lullaby/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/If Those Lips Could Only Speak/Down In The Valley
  7. MEDLEY 4: Dark Town Strutter's Ball/Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/Write Myself A Letter/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Alexander's Ragtime Band
  9. MEDLEY 5: Side By Side/Walking My Baby Back Home/Show Me The Way To Go Home/When The Red Red Robin/The Bells Are Ringing For Me & My Gal
  11. MEDLEY 6: Lady Of Spain/Around The World/Yours Till The Stars Have No Glory/South Of The Border/Jamaican Farewell
  13. MEDLEY 7: When It's Springtime In The Rockies/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/A Mother As Lovely As You/Somewhere My Love/Suvla Bay
  15. MEDLEY 8: Somebody Stole My Girl/I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/Swanee/Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree/A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
  17. MEDLEY 9: You Are My Sunshine/There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall/Seems I Always Have To Slip Around/Buttons And Bows/Red River Valley
  19. MEDLEY 10: Your Cheating Heart/Cold Cold Heart/Half As Much
  21. MEDLEY 11: Carolina In The Morning/You Made Me Love You/Mammy/Pretty Baby
  23. MEDLEY 12: If You Knew Susie/I Want A Girl/ Row Row Row/Pack Up Your Troubles/When You Wore A Tulip
  25. MEDLEY 13: Don't Fence Me In/April Showers/Oh You Beautiful Doll/ Moonlight Bay/Heart Of My Heart
  27. MEDLEY 14: Baby Face/Five Foot Two/Roll Out The Barrel/Put Your Arms Around Me/Toot Toot Tootsie.
  29. MEDLEY 15: Have You Ever Been Lonely/Have I Told You Lately/Nobody's Darling But Mine
  31. MEDLEY 16: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/All Of Me/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/Rambling Rose
  33. MEDLEY 17: When You're Smilling/California, Here I Come/Ma She's Making Eyes At Me/Yes Sir That's My Baby/Four Leaf Clover. MEDLEY 18: For Ever And Ever/Irene Good Night/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/My Wild Irish Rose/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  35. MEDLEY 19: Bye Bye Blackbird/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Comin' Round The Mountain/Travel On/Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major
  37. MEDLEY 20: I Love You More & More Everyday/I Love You Because
  39. MEDLEY 21: Happy Wanderer/Five Minutes More/Yes Sir That's My Baby/Do What You Do Do Well/Oh Suzannah/Camptown Races/Oh Lonesome Me/Marianne/Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye/Put Another Log On The Fire
Presents a selection of all-time favourites in an entertaining, up-beat fashion with the words of all songs displayed on the screen. People can follow, sing-a-long and be inspired by the choice of songs, accompanying dancers and John McSweeney’s warm voice and showmanship.

Songs are in medley style and include Happy Wanderer, Irene Good Night, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Pack Up Your Troubles, You are My Sunshine, Jamaican Farewell, There is a Tavern in the Town, When Irish Eyes are Smiling and ninety-two others

John McSweeney has always had a love for the great songs that were written back in the 30's, 40's & 50's so he made the decision back in the late 80's to put together medleys of all the great standards that people could sing along with either at a party or in the car travelling. So John recorded 50 songs in medleys then another 50 and due to the success of that first recording he has now recorded 4 volumes with 8 CD's that contain over 450 songs.
In the late 90's John decided it was time to try to have his music released in other countries and his first trip was to the United Kingdom where the first record company he approached signed John up on the spot and as a result he has sold well in excess of 500 thousand copies of his sing along music.
Next stop was the U.S.A where he went to new York which John admits was a little harder to gain a contract but after a couple of visits he signed with the biggest music catalogue company in the U.S.A where his third volume was recently released and he has started receiving letters from all over the U.S.A with comments that they love his voice and it was great to hear the old songs that they grew up with once again.
Due to the success of his music in the American catalogue his record company have now decided to advertise his Volume1 "100 Songs You Know By Heart" on television which is not bad for a young fellow who grew up on a dairy farm in Queensland.
John McSweeney has now made his music available and you can order direct from John with his personal money back guarantee that if you don't like the double CD's you can send it back to John and he will refund your money. Click here to see or order John's available CD's and DVD's
for more information see John McSweeney's website

The accumulative effects of music therapy on dementia‐related speech deficits in a sub‐acute hospital setting : PhD thesis

Loretta Quinn
Single blinded randomised control trial was conducted to determine the accumulative effects of Music Therapy on dementia-related speech deficits. The hypotheses to be tested whether a programme of MT will result in greater improvement in dementia-related spontaneous speech deficits (in particular naming), than a programme of DT and 2) whether a programme of either MT or DT will result in a reduction in dementia-related spontaneous speech deficits (in particular naming) compared to a non intervention (control) group.

Among my souvenirs : therapeutic songs for people with dementia [CD]
CD’s contain professionally prepared and recorded songs to help people with dementia participate in meaningful activities and improve their mood.
Family flip quiz
With over 150 illustrated quizzes, this standup quiz book covers various categories such as: natural world history; science and maths ; geography; general knowledge english and more...

Brilliant brain games
Exercise and train your mind with this fantastic collection of puzzles which will test and exercise your mind for mental fitness. Puzzles include logic tests, numbers games, picture puzzles and lateral thinking riddles ...

We can, we can, we can: purpose and pleasure for people living with dementia
Activity must meet our need for meaning and connection, as well as providing an outlet for creativity, spirituality, joy, fun, and relaxation.
 Every one of us has leisure and recreation preferences. Not all want to sing in a group, join a club or make and create. Some love company, while others prefer time alone.
And every person’s experience of life lived with dementia is unique. These infinite variations mean there can be no “one size fits all” approach to activities for purpose and pleasure. This collection of activities respects that diversity, as well as the need for a person-centred approach to activities.

Relate, motivate, appreciate: a Montessori approach : promoting positive interaction with people with dementia

The Relate, Motivate, Appreciate model: Relate The person you know has lived a rich and full life. They may have been a parent, spouse, brother, sister, professional, housewife, friend and/or lover. The first and most important step is to be able to relate to and focus on what were their past experiences. Motivate Most of us are motivated by things we enjoy. When considering activities that the person might enjoy, we need to reflect on their past life experience. What activities did they do in the past? For example, did they enjoy: • cooking? – if so, consider pouring or mixing activities • accounting? – counting, writing , gardening? – growing vegetables or flowers • music? – listening, dancing, playing an instrument. Appreciate You may experience feelings of loss and grief for the relationship you once had with the person living with dementia. With these in mind it is important that we try to give the person some confidence and roles back and, in that sense, return some meaning to their lives. The aim should be to enable the person living with dementia to regain control of aspects of their life, through meaningful activities that have a purpose..

Connecting in the land of dementia: creative activities to explore together 
 This book offers care partners practical, hands-on ideas for meaningful, creative activities they can do with their patients, family members, or friends who have dementia.
It also includes creative tips for busy care partners, offering quick and easy forms of renewal and respite. Too often, people living with dementia are entertained instead of engaged.
Research shows that artistic and imaginative activities reduce the need for psychotropic medications.
 Doing activities together also increases social interactions, builds positive energy, and adds a sense of discovery to the day...  features the innovative ideas of about seventy thought leaders in the field of dementia and creativity. Both family and professional care partners can use these activities, in areas such as music, movement, cooking, nature, storytelling, poetry, movies, technology, and more, to engage and connect with people who are living with dementia.

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