October 04, 2016

creative connecting for the carer

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Connecting in the land of dementia: creative activities to explore together by Deborah Shouse
 This practical book offers caregivers hands-on ideas for meaningful, creative activities they can do with their patients, family members, or friends who have dementia.
 This book offers care partners practical, hands-on ideas for meaningful, creative activities they can do with their patients, family members, or friends who have dementia. It also includes creative tips for busy care partners, offering quick and easy forms of renewal and respite.
Too often, people living with dementia are entertained instead of engaged.

 Research shows that artistic and imaginative activities reduce the need for psychotropic medications. Doing activities together also increases social interactions, builds positive energy, and adds a sense of discovery to the day...  features the innovative ideas of about seventy thought leaders in the field of dementia and creativity. Both family and professional care partners can use these activities, in areas such as music, movement, cooking, nature, storytelling, poetry, movies, technology, and more, to engage and connect with people who are living with dementia.
book review
“Deborah has created an assuring, light of heart and deep in wisdom weaving of the great thinkers and practitioners in the field of dementia care. Here you will find bite-sized, inspirational approaches to being in company with someone with memory loss. From music to food, from painting to storytelling, she invites family members to move past resistance (and understandable grieving) to open themselves to a world of connection through creativity.”--Anne Basting
Professor of Theatre, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & President, TimeSlips Creative Storytelling - 
Forget memory : creating better lives for people with dementia

Forget memory : creating better lives for people with dementia
Memory loss can be one of the most terrifying aspects of a diagnosis of dementia. Yet the fear and dread of losing our memory make the experience of the disease worse than it needs to be, according to cultural critic and playwright Anne Davis Basting. She says, Forget memory. Basting emphasizes the importance of activities that focus on the present to improve the lives of persons with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
Based on ten years of practice and research in the field, Basting's study includes specific examples of innovative programs that stimulate growth, humour, and emotional connection; translates into accessible language a wide range of provocative academic works on memory; and addresses how advances in medical research and clinical practice are already pushing radical changes in care for persons with dementia.
Bold, optimistic, and innovative, Basting's cultural critique of dementia care offers a vision for how we can change the way we think about and care for people with memory loss...
also by Deborah Shouse Love in the land of dementia: finding hope in the caregiver's journey
Deborah Shouse
The author celebrates spiritual and practical lessons learned on her unplanned, unwanted, yet ultimately rewarding journey with her mother through Alzheimer's disease.

When someone you know has dementia : practical advice for families and caregivers
Forward by Dame Judi Dench is an award-winning is an English actress and author. Her role as Iris Murdoch in the film Iris (2001) won critical acclaim for her moving portrayal of the writer's journey into dementia. Dame Judi is a patron of the Alzheimer's Society and an ambassador for those who help people with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Providing practical information and support for people living with, or caring for someone with, dementia. It also provides insight into what is happening when a person has dementia as well as describing what dementia is, how you can deal with it, and what you can do to keep dementia at bay.
Around the world, almost 50 million people have dementia, and hundreds of millions of people are affected by dementia in their family and community. Unlike the many other books that look at this condition purely from the perspective of caregivers, this guide, by one of the world's leading experts, provides insight into what it feels like to have dementia while giving attention to the needs of caregivers and families. Packed with practical tips for providing what people with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia want and need, this book will go a long way toward helping them stay well and happy as long as possible.
Learning to speak Alzheimer's : a groundbreaking approach for everyone dealing with the disease
Joanne Koenig Coste offers a practical approach to the emotional well-being of both patients and caregivers that emphasizes relating to patients in their own reality. Her accessible and comprehensive method, which she calls habilitation, works to enhance communication between carepartners and patients and has proven successful with thousands of people living with dementia. Learning to Speak Alzheimer's also offers hundreds of practical tips, including how to cope with the diagnosis and adjust to the disease's progression help the patient talk about the illness face the issue of driving make meals and bath times as pleasant as possible adjust room design for the patient's comfort deal with wandering, paranoia, and aggression.

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