September 02, 2016

more ideas for diversional therapists to use with groups

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on

Attainment's whole brain workouts

Dr Marge Engelman's latest book, "Whole Brain Workouts", features 125 fun and challenging workouts to keep older adults alert and mentally healthy. Activities range from knock-knock jokes, to brainteasers, to puzzles and visual illusions.

Early-stage Alzheimer's care: a guide for community-based programs
This volume provides useful information needed for implementing early-intervention programs for persons with Alzheimer's disease. The author summarises existing data, compares methods, and offers options for successful programs. This book will serve as a helpful resource for families and friends of those who exhibit the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and as a valuable guide for health professionals and caregivers. Featured in the appendices are a resource list of early-intervention programs and sample forms for evaluating patients.

The hen that laid the golden omelette : a guide to art classes for people with dementia: the experiences and learning of two volunteers over ten years
Even when the memory and senses fail, people with dementia may experience the joy of creativity through watercolour painting. This is the liberating message of Barbara Davison and Barbara Potter's inspiring Sefton Art Project. In The Hen that Laid the Golden Omelette, the outline the philosophy and techniques that evolved during their ten years of assisting people with dementia to express themselves in watercolour. Illustrated with the exuberant and often moving images of the artists themselves, this book challenges the assumption that people with dementia can no longer live productive lives and offers practical advice to those who may follow in their path.

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