August 09, 2016

Teepa Snow DVDs

Instead of blaming the PWLD and the disease and then “drugging them up” as Snow says in the video, we need to learn how to:
1) prevent crises from happening in the first place
2) de-escalate them if and when they occur despite our best efforts
Here are 10 techniques anybody can use to calm a crisis in which a PLWD becomes distressed and/or aggressive ...
  1. Remove the threat
  2. Create space
  3. Get on her/his side
  4. Get at or below eye level
  5. Use Hand Under Hand™
  6. Breathe in sync
  7. Calm your voice
  8. Relax your body
  9. Attend to her/his needs
  10. Be willing to go where he/she is
  if you would like to reserve these DVDs  please email the Library
DVDs include;
  1. The art of caregiving
  2. Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Care: Recognizing & Meeting Unmet Needs
  3. Filling the day with meaning : facilitated by Teepa Snow
  4. In-home dementia care: tips & techniques
  5. It's all in your approach
  6. The Journey of Dementia
  7. Lewy body dementia : what everyone needs to know
  8. Progression of dementia : seeing gems - not just
  9. Understanding Frontotemporal Dementias

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