June 27, 2016

Reminiscing and reading

Old timers : stories about the good old days

In his years of travelling the length and breadth of Australia, David Darcy has met many an old timer with a story to share - childhood memories of a very different Australia, and stories from a lifestyle that is fast disappearing as Australia changes and takes its place in the modern world ... Here David Darcy is on the road again, traversing the continent in search of a good yarn and an interesting face. Through candid portraits and poignant, intimate conversations with men and women from all walks of Australian life, he captures recollections of childhood memories, a life lived on the land, in the cities, on the shores of this great dry continent - stories from a disappearing world ...
The 160-page coffee table book has profiles and pictures that tell stories of the past as seen from the present, from grandparents and great-grandparents.

Joyce from Allora went barefoot to school. Glady from Wilcannia was born on the bank of the river behind the old hospital.

Ray from Woodburn has been keeping bees for more than 80 years and now has a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

Two new titles in the Read a bit! Talk a bit! series - Cat and Dog

Read a bit! Talk a bit! is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are 17  titles in the series.  The books start with a short article or story for the participants to read, 2-300 words, followed by 15-20 questions for the facilitator to ask. These questions are formulated to engage the participants in conversation and to encourage personal and meaningful reminiscences to flow.
All the reading pages are in large type, 50 pt, and the text is only on one page per spread in order to help the individual to concentrate on the text and to minimise the constraints of visual impairment. The size of the books are A4 .
Memories recalled from earlier in life are often very therapeutic for people with dementia. They provide opportunities for positive and meaningful engagement with the past. Remembering increases self esteem and a feeling of positive worth as the participants recall personal experiences.

Other books in the series include Garden, Teddy Bear, Lawnmower, Telephone, Stamps, Perfume, Sandwich, Soup, Cake, Money, Pencil, Safety Pin.

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