May 03, 2016

Focusing on the person ... some very different activities for the family carer to do at home

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 Focusing on the person : exploring the potential of photography for people with dementia
This pack explores the wealth of opportunities that photography can offer people with dementia and their carers. It does not focus on the technical elements of photography but rather looks at the potential benefits that the process of taking and using images can provide. Two booklets offer a series of practical starting points. The first booklet focuses on ways to support the person in taking photographs and the second explores ways of using these visual images. The CD  describes further projects - great photographic feasts - where image making can be utilised.

Draw on your emotions : creative ways to explore, express & understand important feelings

This manual contains a series of structured "easy to do" picture exercises to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal more effectively with their emotions in everyday life. Providing a series of photo-copiable illustrations, it is a source of effective ready made material. This book contains exercises and pictures specifically designed to ease the process of talking about feelings. It helps to promote a new clarity of thought as a first step towards positive action and bring seemingly huge, un-manageable and insoluble problems into a new perspective. It offers opportunities to rehearse other ways of functioning by trying out alternatives safely on paper in exercises that can be adapted for any age range and ability. This is a superb non-verbal counselling tool. Dr Margot Sunderland is Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health London, Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University and Integrative Child Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer with over two decades of experience in working with adults, teenagers and children. She is a First Prize award winning author, with 20 books in child mental health, published in nineteen countries.

Let's look together : an interactive picture book for people with Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss

Wake up” someone’s brain with every turn of the page in this delightfully engaging resource. Featuring fun images of children, this picture book for adults is to be shared between a family (or professional) caregiver and a person with memory loss to encourage meaningful emotional connections and conversations through therapeutic brain stimulation.
Research demonstrates that sensory integration in the brain reinforces and excites neural connections. Using the principles of sensory integration, occupational therapist Rae-Lynn Ziegler presents photographs that trigger multiple and varied sensory reactions: visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, and vestibular and proprioceptive (motion and movement). Test with people with middle to late Alzheimer’s disease, Ziegler’s work demonstrates that spending time with an interactive picture book can help keep people with memory loss connected and engaged.
Users of Let’s Look Together are encouraged to
  • Relate to the feelings suggested by the photos
  • Reminisce about situations triggered in the person’s memory
  • Describe what might precede or follow in the photo’s action
  • Tell a story about the child or image
  • Find pleasure in sharing the book together
Twenty-nine full-color photographs portray an array of easily recognized emotions and activities. Joy, tears, surprise, contentment, and stubbornness are interspersed with edible delights, unexpected encounters, nurturing family interactions, and more. Simple conversation starters are provided for each image. It all comes together to create a new visual and emotional journey for each person every time the book is opened. Let’s Look Together is for use one-on-one or in groups—at home or in formal care settings ranging from adult day services to hospitals and nursing homes.

Through the seasons: an activity book for memory-challenged adults and caregivers
Mental stimulation has been found to offer demonstrable benefits for people with Alzheimer disease, dementia, or other memory impairment. Through the Seasons helps family members and caregivers engage memory-challenged adults in simple, enjoyable activities that provide stimulation and enhance communication.
Fun and easy to use, this large-format color picture book is divided into themes representing the four seasons. Each section describes several multisensory experiences—such as picking apples or raking leaves—along with related topics for discussion and activities to elicit memories and encourage new positive associations. The topics and activities incorporate all five senses to facilitate connections and conversations with memory-challenged persons across a wide range of cognitive function.
Designed by nationally recognized experts in gerontology, geriatrics, and memory enhancement, this workbook provides a scientifically sound, well-developed program that will help family caregivers and professionals maintain and enhance relationships with the persons in their care. It also helps memory-impaired individuals to retain dignity and remain active companions, even as their communication skills become increasingly limited.
Through the Seasons includes an introduction with instructions for family and professional caregivers as well as a resources section at the end of the book ..

plus dvds to watch together

  • The Three Stooges.
  • Petticoat Junction
  • Midsomer murders : the official collection on dvd : hidden depths
  • New York memories : live at The Radio City Music Hall - Andre Rieu

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