January 13, 2016

summer time is - Watermemories: a swimming club for people with dementia: a manual for aged care service providers and program instructors

which may be borrowed from the library

Watermemories: a swimming club for people with dementia: a manual for aged care service providers and program instructors [Book and DVD]
 along with other resources  
Testing the water: swimming club makes exercise a joy
A dementia-specific evidence-based aquatic exercise program draws on the joy of swimming to provide physical, psychological and social benefits for participants.
University of Queensland. School of Nursing ..
The purpose of the Watermemories Swimming Club is to try something different- to rekindle positive memories of swimming in people with dementia who enjoyed swimming throughout their lives and get them involved in actively swimming again.

 Move It or Lose It DVD 1 - Movement to Music
This DVD is designed for anyone new to exercise or looking for a fun way to exercise without leaving the support of their chair.  The exercises are designed to keep joints mobile and healthy and includes warm up and cool down routines.


 The activity and reminiscence handbook : hundreds of ideas in 52 weekly sessions [Book and CD-Rom]
by Danny Walsh
Hundreds of activity ideas in 52 weekly sessions. Containing 52 sections of ideas and resource materials for each week of the year, this is an invaluable resource for activity organisers and group leaders in residential, day care and hospitals, and for anyone working with older people. There is a theme for each week, eg., animals and pets, with corresponding ideas for social events, reminiscence, exercises and games, quizzes, art and crafts, as well as 'this week in history', 'good ideas', 'discussion topics', 'homework' and the option to personalise the week by recording local anniversaries and events alongside personal landmarks and details. The ideas are easy to use and are relevant for both groups and individuals, including those with mental health and cognitive problems. Some activities require some physical effort, others mental effort, but they are all adaptable to be fun and achievable. This book also includes an introduction to the nature and value of reminiscence and activities, and guidelines on 'how to do it'.

Nurturing the heart : creativity, art therapy and dementia
Patricia Baines
Alzheimer's Australia
Honouring the capacity to create in people with dementia is the underlying intention of this paper. All human beings are creative, but, when one is living with dementia, that creativity may need to be supported and encouraged by others trained to foster creative expression. Diversional Therapists and family members may gain some useful hints about how to encourage a person with dementia to start on a creative project and glean some ideas aobout what kinds of creative activities may be satisfying to the person with dementia.
 To borrow these items please contact the library at nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

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