December 02, 2015

Australian Ageing Agenda November/December 2015



A problematic affair

Pages: 20+21

Addressing one of the fundamental   criticisms of aged care, the My Aged Care gateway was established to streamline access for consumers, but recent experiences show there are still significant issues to be resolved.


A taxing issue

Pages: 30+31

With tax reform back on the agenda, the author considers the likelihood and possible implications should state and federal government decide to introduce a goods and services tax (GST) in aged care.


Preparing for the worst

Pages: 32+33

As aged care facilities face many issues in managing critical incidents the article outlines the steps providers can take before, during and after an incident.


At the frontline of pain management

Pages: 40+41

An outline of approaches for timely recognition and management of pain in residents and the important role that personal care workers can play.


Source of support

Pages: 42+43

It is critical that residential aged care is equipped to care for the old and dying, but insufficient resources and workforce issues add to the challenge.


 When to start?

Page: 44

The challenge facing care providers is how to use the available evidence to integrate a general palliative care approach into dementia care.


Seniors’ support services face review

Pages: 46+47

The government has raised the prospect of a new national advocacy service for aged care clients, but the existing state-based agencies are being backed by key stakeholders in arguing for the status quo – with some improvements.


When relationships need repair

Pages: 48+49

Specialised mediation and counselling services may help resolve conflict between older people, families and aged care staff in a way that preserves relationships. The article explores how these services are taking off for seniors across Australia.

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