November 19, 2015

Media Release - Dementia and nutrition in the home

Malnutrition in people with dementia a critical issue
Malnutrition in people with dementia living at home is a critical issue which can have significant impacts on the person’s health and the course of the disease, yet it is given worryingly little attention and current aged care reforms could make the situation worse, new research has found.

The discussion paper, Dementia and Nutrition in the Home, released today by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, has called on the Federal Government to urgently address the issue of dementia and malnutrition, while also funding information resources on nutrition for consumers and community-based aged care and support workers.
Alzheimer’s Australia NSW CEO The Hon. John Watkins AM said proper nutrition was a basic human right, however it was being overlooked in people with dementia living at home.
"Every person with dementia will have difficulty with nutrition at some point," Mr Watkins said...

"Because eating is such an ‘every day’ occurrence its importance is being overlooked, but if you are living with dementia it’s often the ‘every day’ things that matter most. Poor nutrition can lead to much worse outcomes in people with dementia who may, as a result of malnutrition, enter residential care earlier and require longer and more frequent hospital stays."

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