November 30, 2015

books to help the carer understand ...

all of which can be borrowed be emailing if you are a member of ALZ NSW library

When a family member has dementia : steps to becoming a resilient caregiver

Caring for a person with dementia is a difficult and often- overwhelming task. In addition to the inevitable decline in memory and physical function, most persons with dementia develop one or more troublesome behavior problems, such as depression, fearfulness, sleep disturbances, paranoia, or physical aggression at some point in their disease. Behavioral challenges in dementia are highly idiosyncratic. No two patients are alike, and interventions that work well with one person are often ineffective with another. Caregivers often become stuck: either unable to figure out how best to help their loved one, or unable to consistently implement positive practices they know would improve their situation. This book offers caregivers a set of practical and flexible tools to enable them become more resilient in the face of difficulty and change. McCurry teaches caregivers how to take advantage of their own creativity and inner resources to develop strategies that will work in their unique situations. She presents her set of five core principles and then brings them to life through vignettes. Anyone who lives, works, or comes in contact with a person who has dementia will benefit from this volume.

And still the music plays : stories of people with dementia

Using 22 stories, the author draws on his memories of people with dementia he has met to bring the reader a greater understanding of the condition and why some people behave in the way they do. The central theme is that everyone with dementia is unique, with a distinctive personality and experiences, and it is only by thinking deeply about each person individually that we can respond to their unique needs and give the best care possible.

 "...I absolutely loved this book. Graham Stokes tells the stories of a range of Alzheimer's sufferers and explains how their challenging and distressing behaviour does not mean that the personality is lost. If people look long enough and carefully enough at the individual they may find a clue to the anger and fear that is manifest in shouting or violence. Stokes says NO to regimented caring or the infantilisation of the old. If this disease happens to me, I want Graham Stokes as my consultant in charge. ..."

Live and laugh with dementia
includes useful tables

Live and Laugh with Dementia also addresses our attitude towards dementia and caring for people with dementia. It supports and inspires carers to build their relationship with the person with dementia and provide meaningful engaging activities. As well as suggestions for activities and how to tailor them, tips for people with mild dementia are included in order to empower them to be active and keep control of their lives as much as possible.

I will never forget : a daughters story of her mothers arduous and humorous journey through dementia

Pereira begins by offering entertaining glimpses into her own childhood and feisty teenage years. Through it all, Pereira shares how her mom’s unconditional love and creative parenting style helped mold an opinionated young woman into a resourceful adult who eventually would move mountains on her mother’s behalf. As Betty Ward slowly begins to wander down the dark and narrow corridors of Alzheimer’s, Pereira details her mother’s amazing ability to mask the truth until something as innocuous as a drapery rod suddenly launches a waterfall of events. As their roles shift and a new paradigm forms, Pereira transforms into a caregiver who blindly navigates dementia’s unpredictable haze while her mother orchestrates Houdini-like disappearances and surprisingly rallies to take charge of her own destiny.
I Will Never Forget shares a powerful, emotional story that can help people affected by dementia take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

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