November 03, 2015

Advanced Australia : the politics of ageing & The contented retirement : leisure activities that keep the mind lively


Advanced Australia : the politics of ageing
In a new book, former minister for ageing Mark Butler challenges common misconceptions on the ageing population – from how treasury reports on the economic ‘burden’ to the role of media and entertainment. In an interview Butler speaks about changing minds, government lobbying and the need for leadership.
The contented retirement : leisure activities that keep the mind lively
[large print]
by Stephen McAdam

The Contented Retirement is written for readers who are about to retire, or are already retired, and wish to be pleasantly occupied with a mind pastime.
The book offers a medley of intelligent interests for all ages and tastes:
- Learn more about our galaxy, its stars and planets.
- Look back at the origins of mankind and some of the great prehistoric civilizations, and visit archaeological sites in exotic places.
- Meet new faces to play bridge, chess or Go, an ancient and exciting Asiatic board game.
- Trace your roots and widen family links to build your family tree.
- Join in the action to save the environment for our grandchildren.
- Take on computer skills to know more, and communicate with friends, via the internet.
- Take better pictures and process your digital photos by computer.
- Help others and meet others by giving your time and ideas to charity work.
- Try your hand at painting or calligraphy.
- Tell fairy tales to build bonds with your grandchildren.
- Learn to play the guitar.
- Speak another language to reach out to people from other cultures.
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