October 06, 2015



Law Commission consults over “cumbersome” DoL safeguards

Page 7-9

Reduced bureaucracy and better outcomes for patients are the twin aims of a new consultation launched by the Law Commission on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).


Dementiaville: is this really so controversial?

Page 10

Poppy Lodge manager Jo-Anne Wilson reflects on “time travel” and her experience of taking part in Channel 4’s Dementiaville series.


Dementia, rights and the social model of disability

Page 12

A new report from the mental Health Foundation argues for rights and entitlements if communities are to be genuinely dementia friendly.

tide – a new national network for carers

Page 14

A new national involvement network will enable family carers to exercise an influence and provide more support for other carers. (tide = together in dementia everyday)


Dementia First Aid: support and practical tools for carers

Page 15

Many carers risk their own physical and mental health. The course is giving carers problem-solving tools to care for their loved ones and to ease pressure on services.


Monitoring and improvement using Dementia Care Mapping

Page 16

Dementia Care Mapping has proved to be a useful tool for promoting person-centred dementia care and now its inventors have designed a database to make it more useful still.

-          What does DCM involve?

-          Technological solution

-          Development process

-          What does the database do?

-          How secure is the data?

-          How can I access the database?

-          Future for DCM technology


Singing in a dementia friendly community

Page 18

Singing has been demonstrated to be a powerful, meaningful, fun and safe activity, especially if people sing in groups. People running such groups don’t have to be professionals. A group set up in Edinburgh for people with dementia and their carers, run entirely by volunteers, has demonstrated the fallacy of thinking that only professional musicians and music therapists can engage in such activities.


Cogs Clubs: a helpful activity in early dementia

Page 20

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) can help people newly diagnosed with dementia make the most of their mental function. “Cogs Clubs” are filling the gaps in provision for early dementia when the CST programme ends. Cogs Clubs differ from other day services in that they follow a structure and routine based on CST, the usual two-hour sessions being stretched to five hours.


How to help couples have better conversations

Page 22

Speech and language therapy should be a major component of any comprehensive programme of care and support for someone with the form of dementia known as primary progressive aphasia (PPA). PPA, which is a sub-type of fronto-temporal dementia, causes language difficulties such as not being able to recognise word meanings, finding it hard to get words out or losing understanding of sentences. Communication training is one possibility for helping this group of people.

Hand i Pockets: creativity, playfulness and fun

Page 25

A project that engages the creative side of ordinary people is bringing playfulness and fun into the lives of people with mid to late-stage dementia. The article describes how volunteers taking part in arts and crafts ‘funshops’ have made objects that are helping to improve people’s wellbeing.


Making mealtimes meaningful in acute wards

Page 28

Mealtimes in acute dementia wards often take little account of the personal needs of patients and may be interrupted by ward routines. The article discusses an initiative to make mealtimes more enjoyable and an essential part of assessment, treatment and interaction with patients with dementia.


Improving care for people with Parkinson’s dementia

Page 32

Parkinson’s disease dementia is on the rise yet it often goes unrecognised in care homes. Research findings reveal the need for better staff training and the authors set out plans for a new study that aims to improve standards.

-          Lack of awareness

-          Poor quality of life

-          Staff views

-          Training gap

-          Aims of our study


Blogs I’m watching

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-          mumhasdementia.com

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-          dementiaresearchfoundation.org.au/tags/guest-blog
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