October 02, 2015

6 new books for carers

These  and other similar resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au
The Mayo Clinic guide to stress-free living 

Examines the causes of stress in everyday life and presents such strategies for overcoming it as the practice of acceptance and gratitude, the use of relaxation and meditation techniques, and the cultivation of closer relationships with others --

this book will show remarkable improvements in stress, anxiety, resilience, happiness, well-being and quality of life.

•In Part 1 of the book, will lead you on a fascinating "behind the scenes" tour of your brain and mind. You are likely to be very surprised about the reasons behind the thoughts that cause you stress.
•In Part 2 discusses the single most important skill for your success and happiness. This skill will help you discover that the present moment has more novelty and meaning than you could have ever imagined.
•In later sections, you'll learn how to exchange negative thoughts for time-honored principles. You'll enhance your focus on gratitude, cultivate compassion, creatively accept what is, and discover life's deeper meaning.
With these skills, peace will no longer be a distant goal; it will light your entire path.
In the end, you'll walk away with simple solutions for complex problems, and you'll know how to apply these skills to most life situations.

 The Mayo Clinic handbook for happiness : a 4-step plan for resilient living

Discover 4 simple steps to live a resilient, joy-filled life.
The Mayo Clinic Handbook is like a treasure map that leads you step-by-step along a clearly marked path to an incalculable reward. Your reward is not a diamond mine, not a pirate’s booty, but something far more valuable — a lifetime of joy and contentment.

... offers a straightforward plan anyone can implement across 10 weeks.
four-step self-help process is a joy to undertake and offers you wonderful rewards:
•In Step One, you’ll learn how to better regulate what you think and perceive. This step is actually so enjoyable, it to "adding chocolate powder to your glass of milk."

•Step Two is truly powerful. It will “enhance your inner strength by making you emotionally resilient and happier."

•Step Three produces results that users say range from “momentary calm” to “ecstatic bliss."

•Step Four is designed to “help you decrease your stress and increase the energy available to you each day."

How to develop a brilliant memory week by week : 50 proven ways to enhance your memory
by Dominic O'Brien
This complete Brain Training Program by eight-times World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien offers tried and tested strategies and tips that will expand your mental capacities at a realistic but impressive rate to make your memory bigger, better and sharper, week-by-week.

Mindfulness For Life by Dr Stephen McKenzie

Mindfulness is a form of mental training that has been widely practised for millennia, however it's only recently that science and clinical practice have discovered the profound potential of mindfulness-based practices for increasing our wellbeing.
Our tendency to not be fully present in life has vast implications.
*Being unmindful means wasting our lifetime, missing important information, increasing our risk of physical and social accidents and communicating more superficially with other people. Importantly, it makes us unhappier than we realize and vulnerable to stress and poor mental health.
*By focusing on what is rather than be distracted by what isn't mindfulness can make us much calmer, happier and healthier beings.
- shows you how to apply mindfulness techniques to your own life whether you need help with medical conditions, personal development or spiritual development. Chapters are included on: stress and ageing, anxiety, depression, addiction, attention deficit orders, pain, weight management, eating disorders, heart disease and stroke, cancer, dementia and sleep; lifestyle, education, workplace, parenting and sporting enhancement; and self actualization, happiness and enlightenment development.
Mindfulness for Life is written by two experts in the field who bring the medical perspective of an international authority on mindfulness and the psychological perspective of a researcher. The result is a book that translates the scientific principles behind mindfulness into a simple, practical and accessible manual to applying mindfulness - for life

Eat to Cheat Ageing: what you eat helps you make 60 'the new 50' and 80 'the new 70'
by Ngaire Hobbins
Eat to Cheat Ageing is based on the science of nutrition for ageing but written for the everyday reader as well as health professionals. It is not a fad diet. It’s about going back to basics: eating and enjoying real food, being active at a level that works for you and being able to live life to the full.
Learn how the food is vital in maintaining every one of your body’s organs, keeps your blood coursing through your veins and oxygen through your body. Learn how to fight illness and infection, repair bumps and bruises, combat Type 2 Diabetes, and keep your brain adequately fuelled and your mind firing as you’d like it to.
Learn why dieting to lose weight in older age is one of the worst things you can do to your physical and mental well-being.

Defeat depression : 52 brilliant ideas for healing a troubled mine
average of 1 out of 18 people suffers from depression and that it costs the economy in the region of 9 billion pounds per annum both in treatment and in lost work days. And yet most people don’t really understand what depression is or recognize many of the symptoms that accompany it. Those that admit to suffering from it very often feel ashamed. Those that have never suffered from it think it’s all a matter o ‘getting a grip’. Defeat depression is written by a psychiatrist who offers a full understanding of the condition and practical, tried and tested techniques to help overcome it. As a medical student, the author suffered from depression and ended up in hospital. Drawing on her first-hand experiences and her medical expertise, Dr Sabina Dosani has put together 52 ideas, tips and strategies to help sufferers and their family and friends cope with this often difficult condition. Now updated in this second edition to include bonus chapters, Defeat depression is sympathetic, practical, pro-active and an empowering and positive tool for helping to heal a troubled mind.


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