September 17, 2015

SAIDO Learning is a working memory training program that uses systematized basic problems in arithmetic and language, including reading aloud, as well as writing ...

 From a study on cognitive function by a cognitive intervention program designed for dementia care called Learning Therapy in Japan and SAIDO Learning in the United States  results showed that after a 6month intervention, the participants with Alzheimer’s  of the intervention group showed statistically significant improvement in cognitive function, as measured by the MiniMental State
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Reading in the moment - activities and stories to share with adults with dementia
Studies have shown that reading in a melodic and rhythmic voice can produce positive changes in mood, emotion and behaviour in those with dementia. This technique - known as bibliotherapy - is used in this book and has been tailored to help those who grew up during the 1930s through to the 1960s, as well providing for people of all cultures. While traditional literature, such as Dickens and Shakespeare, might be beyond the literacy skills of many readers, and while poetry may not interest all, this book presents short stories, prose prompts and biographies which are written in a rhythmic and lyrical way to make communicating easier and more enjoyable. A focus on using short sentences, repeated language features and striking imagery which appeals to all the senses captures moments in time or action - short stories which are printed in large, clear font to suit readers who have limited vision or who may struggle to maintain attention; and language to suit a lower reading level, but appropriate and respectful of adult readers. The book is designed to be used by people who have some experience in working with clients who have dementia, but who do not have specific training in bibliotherapy. They may be running a group session, working in a library or caring for a family member at home. There is a need for 'reading in the moment' - sharing a story, a piece of prose, a biography - for the simple pleasure of sharing a moment in time together.

Read a bit! Talk a bit! Series now including 

Read a bit! Talk a bit! Car

 This is a series of reading activity books intended for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
The books start with a short article or story for the participants to read, followed by a number of questions for the facilitator to ask. These questions are formulated to engage the participants in conversation and to encourage personal and meaningful reminiscences to flow.
 All the reading pages are in large type, 50 pt, and the text is only on one page per spread in order to help the individual to concentrate on the text and to minimize the constraints of visual impairment.
Memories recalled from earlier in life are often very therapeutic for people with dementia. They provide opportunities for positive and meaningful engagement with the past.
Remembering increases self esteem and a feeling of positive worth as the participants recall personal experiences. There are 10 books and they achieve this thanks to the range of familiar topics and questions to prompt and encourage discussion.
These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on
Spiddal road
other titles include:
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! cake 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Car 
  •   Read a bit! Talk a bit! Cat 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Chickens! 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Dog 
  •   Read a bit! Talk a bit! Films at the movies 
  •   Read a bit! Talk a bit! Garden 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Lawnmower 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Money 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Pencil 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Perfume 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Safety pin! 
  •   Read a bit! Talk a bit! Sandwich! 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Scissors! 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Soup 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Stamps 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Teddy bear 
  •  Read a bit! Talk a bit! Telephone

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