September 17, 2015

new resources for diversional therapists to use with groups

 Aged Care Trivia DVDs, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

  • Have only one set of questions on each dvd – approximately 30 questions covering old movies, music, tv shows, world events, sport, geography, general knowledge etc.

  • Each dvd runs for thirty minutes.

  • The questions do not have any voiceover – videos are played, music is played and questions are written up on the screen in large print.

  • The questions include audio clips,  old movies footage and television footage as well as still images.

  • A twenty second countdown clock is shown on the screen and then the answer comes up on the screen straight after the question. Thus this type of quiz is more about participants perhaps calling out the answer rather than writing it down

  • If you are coordinating the quiz session as an activity session (rather than just putting it on in a lounge area and leaving to run) and wish to give participants more time to answer each question either verbally or by writing down the answer, you can pause after the countdown clock reaches zero, and resume play at your leisure for the next question.

  • You can revisit any question at any time by accessing the title menu on your DVD remote and choosing the scene

  •  Live and Laugh with Dementia

    shows us how we can tailor activities to suit the needs and abilities of dementia patients who are unable to initiate activities themselves, and help them to:
    - Maintain their relationships with others
    - Maintain their self-identity
    - Slow the decline of mental function by providing physical and mental stimulation
    - Stave off boredom
    - Experience happiness and pleasure.

    Ideal for both family and professional carers, not only does it contain suggestions for activities and how to tailor them, but it also covers a host of ideas that will empower family and friends to re-engage with those living with dementia, allowing them to build new relationships, spread the load
    of care and add richness to their lives as well as meaning to their own.
    This invaluable book also contains tips for people with mild dementia in order to empower them to stay active and keep control of their lives as much as possible.
    These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve any of these please email the Library on

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