May 19, 2015

Brief notes on which books about dementia work with children and why

after focus testing this is what the kids say!

Book Notes

great books

·         Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Partridge J proactive/helping them/doing something. setting nursing home.  Not afraid - models no fear. Likes all the people.

·         The Forgetful Elephant: J Analogy to broken arm, and how can’t plaster inside his head.  Just needs help, make it fun.  Active again.  for the younger reader.

·         Striped Shorts and Flowered Pants: J Family dynamics. Addresses some fears. What can do etc.

·         Lucas & Jack:  J Old people generally.  Really like person theme. 

·         Getting to Know Ruben Plotnick: J Cool boy, good modelling. Fun. 

·         Ceila & Nonna: J Doing again.  Person Theme.  Quite like it, just helping nan and child, no-one else involved.


·         The Smell of Chocolate: Music.  Weaved behaviours into the story, e.g. wet pants, repeated himself, threw fist into cake.   Facts a bit tedious, too big unnecessary words, e.g. confabulation. 

·         Mile High Apple Pie: Describes short term memory loss versus long term memory loss.  Models hugs and fun and inconsistency.  Is a person.

·         When I visit granny Jean: Batteries running out. set in a nursing home . Person theme. Touch.

·         The Old Man Who Loved to Sing:  Not directly about dementia, but something lovely about it.

·         What’s happening to Grandpa?
Good content, but a bit tedious. 

·         Why did grandma put her underwear in the refrigerator?. Funhouse mirror analogy- look different but same person.
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