May 18, 2015

Australian Ageing Agenda – Community Care Review supplement May 2015

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Home care package levels missing their mark
Community care providers are struggling to fill their Level 1 home care packages while managing waiting lists in the hundreds for their high level packages.
p. 6-7 

Study highlights CDC improvements
New research shows many providers see more challenges than benefits with the rollout of consumer directed care
p. 10-11 

Making the right connections
Lessons learned from the rollout of the NDIS can inform pending shifts in the community aged care landscape, particularly in relation to people with high complex needs.
p. 12-13 

Registering community workers: a win for all
After several years of consultation on the vexed question of registration, we recently launched an online register for community workers to highlight their qualifications, experience and security clearance – much to everyone’s benefit.
p. 14-15

It’s time to value and support case managers
With the extent of case management in the new Commonwealth Home Support Program still unclear, there are concerns that clients in some states may miss out
p. 16 

Better Caring – a new era in community care has arrived
The community care industry is crying out for innovation.  Enter Better Caring – a new concept that uses enabling technology that creates an online venue for directly connecting those who need a care service to those with a vested interest in delivering great care, saving time and money.
p. 22-25 

A seat at the table
Community care organisations seeking to fully embrace CDC are increasingly turning to co-production, a process that involves the consumer as an equal partner in the design, implementation and review of change.
p. 32-33 

Food for thought
Malnutrition can progress rapidly and is completely devastating to the health of older people living at home.  It is essential that community care workers are aware of the signs, and that they deliver positive food messages to their clients.
p. 36-37 

Cultural diversity: the new normal
Current predictions are that by 2021 one in three seniors will have been born outside Australia.  This article outlines strategies for community care providers and their staff to achieve cultural competency.
p. 38-39 

When a day feels like a week
With increasing numbers of people receiving care at home, loneliness and social isolation are real problems that can have devastating consequences if left unaddressed.  Community care services are at the vanguard of connecting people to each other and to their communities’
p. 40-41

‘It helps me to feel normal’
Tracey and her mother Jan, who lives with dementia, attend Blue Care coopers Plains Respite Care, where they met service manager Nerida and together began a journey that would help them establish a peaceful everyday routine.
p. 46 

Booklet ranks mental health activities for seniors
Based on La Trobe University research the booklet, What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people,  has been developed by beyondblue specifically for aged care workers identifies and rates the best activities for improving and protecting the mental health of older Australians.
The library holds copies of this book for loan, please contact the library on to reserve a copy


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