April 23, 2015

Don't miss the bus

Don't miss the bus
by Rex J. Lipman
What if you could employ a few simple measures to fight cognitive decline, and to remain mentally and physically fit in your golden years? In easy-to-understand language, author Rex J Lipman presents insights and exercises that are proven to work.

What if you could employ a few simple measures to fight cognitive He draws upon the wisdom of award-winning scientist and Emeritus Professor, University of California at San Francisco, Dr Michael Merzenich PhD.
Rex Lipman has a simple prescription for our brain health in these pages... we must eat, physically engage our body, and directly exercise our brain powers, all in ways that help assure its good health. Rex has acted on this prescription throughout his older life, and his extraordinary vitality and intelligence, now so beautifully expressed in his tenth decade are vivid testimony to its values.
~ Emeritus Professor Dr Michael Merzenich, Ph.D
If you have ever been fearful that your longevity might be tarnished by dementia, or considered that perhaps those extra years might be a dubious gift then this is the book you need to read. It convincingly explains that we can all mould our destiny and don't have to be the victim of our genes or accident. 
~ The Hon Dr Jane Lomax-Smith, AM

This book may be borrowed by members of Alzheimer's NSW library members by emailing the library on please email the Library nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

*or you can purchase a copy http://anjoupublications.com/

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