February 05, 2015

Resources for those caring for Indigenous people with dementia

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

Caring for indigenous people with dementia in remote areas : perspectives from the Northern Territory: a multidiscplinary training resource [DVD]
The aim of this resource is to educate undergraduate health professionals about cultural and professional issues when caring for Indigenous people with dementia in the Northern Territory. After viewing the DVD and handbook viewers will be able to: 1. Articulate the prevalence of dementia and its social impact; 2. Identify key successful ageing and cultural safety issues; 3. Describe culturally appropriate cognitive assessment; 4. Describe current research gaps; 5. Appreciate the unique features of people, language and culture when working in remote areas of the NT; 6. Articulate the importance of building relationships with Indigenous people living with dementia, their families and communities; 7. Understand the unique challenges of developing and delivering culturally relevant programs to Indigenous communities; 8. Recognise the complexities of the worker's role to manage competing expectations and deliver innovative services when caring in remote areas.

Looking after ourselves – resources : Aboriginal health and wellbeing [CD-Rom]
Originally developed by Carers NT, Carers NSW has tailored the Looking After Ourselves resource to suit the needs of Aboriginal carers in NSW, with input from Aboriginal communities and the oversight of an Aboriginal Advisory Committee.
The Looking After Ourselves resource has five components:
•Carers and caring
•Exercise for health and the 'Looking After Me' action plan
•Healthy eating and good rest
•Better breathing and learning to relax
•Talking and listening, health checks and problem solving

Relaxation CD for Aboriginal carers
The Relaxation CD for Aboriginal Carers, produced by Carers NSW, aims to provide a way for Aboriginal Carers to relax and de-stress. The CD contains a relaxation session which runs for approximately 15-20 minutes. The soundtrack features didgeridoo music and singing by
Aboriginal artist/musician Kevin (Gabby) Duncan who lives in the Central Coast, NSW. It also features a vocal narrative to guide listeners through the relaxation session.

Enabling service delivery for our mob… a resource guide highlighting enablement practices within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community [DVD]
The DVD is a resource which focuses on implementing Enabling approaches in a culturally appropriate way. This DVD package is to be used as a training and education tool to promote better outcomes for service providers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
The DVD is targeted for mainstream service providers; however it may benefit any service provider implementing enabling approaches and working with the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clients.

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