January 22, 2015

we have more copies of ..."Dementia Support for Family and Friends”

Book review Dementia Support for Family and Friends by nurse and daughter in-law of mum with moderate to severe Dementia

"Dementia Support for Family and Friends”

by Dave Pulsford and Rachel Thompson.

As a nurse and daughter in-law of mum with moderate to severe Dementia, I found this book to be amazing, and I cannot recommend it more highly.

When you have a family member who is not yet diagnosed, or has already been diagnosed, all the knowledge you may have gained as a professional goes out the window and you are in shock, and to a degree lost as to what information is helpful.

I believe this is the book that all doctors and professionals should recommend to family and friends to read…. It answers a lot of questions that people may have had, but were too overwhelmed to ask. I have found it personally to be the “go to book” for all information I needed to help us to know what to expect, and what we could do to help, such as using dementia empathy, etc…

How it effects the person who has dementia and family dynamics through each stage…. It’s the sort of book you want to keep in your glove box or bag, so you have it on hand.

I found a lot of books focused either on the beginning stages of the Dementia when symptoms first appear, or when / when not diagnosed, or at the very end stage when someone perhaps may be in care or have a career, and very little helpful information in the middle.

Not only is this book written in a friendly, supportive, and realistic way, but it also almost feels like the book is like having a wise experienced friend there 24 hours a day to guide you through each step of the way, without judgement.
This book gives supportive useable advice relevant to people from all walks of life, where I found other authors only focused on one area, or it was written in such a way that you felt the author didn’t really empathise or have true insight…. This book gently helps you through each stage of the Dementia process, it’s written in a way that keeps the person you love in a dignified light so you feel empowered to then help them.
This book is like a true snap shot of a 24 hour day with a loved one with Dementia at every stage.

this is available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

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