January 31, 2015

six ways to inspire you - How to make your care home fun, with smiles everywhere.....

How to make your care home fun
Our need to be engaged in interesting activities does not diminish and is vital to our quality of life, this book examines the need for activities for elderly people in care and offers a practical programme of entertaining activities that can be used anywhere.
Includes arts and crafts, role-playing, gardening and cooking, it also takes the stance that 'activity nursing' should be integral to all personal care plans and not simply regarded as an add on to medical care.
Smiles are everywhere
Review by Lauretta Kaldor: health care professional

The concept of playfulness as part of the overall ‘treatment’ of people who have barriers to leisure especially in residential care has been around for some time now.   This book presents some of the theories, however it also has a section called clown play 101-integrating clown plays into your own practice a step by step process and then 53 activities to try. This book is a great read and invaluable to students of leisure and lifestyle, recreation staff in all areas and managers of residential care facilities and community centres.
red nose is coming DVD
This DVD demonstrates the benefits of using the performing arts to communicate with older people with dementia. 
Wearing their trademark red noses, the Elderflowers, who are qualified clown performers, are shown engaging with people with dementia. Using non-verbal communication, humour and creativity they make a connection which promotes a sense of wellbeing, inclusion and empowerment. it's hard not to be touched by this DVD!
the smile within DVD
The primary aim of the SMILE study was to examine the effects of humour therapy on mood, social engagement and agitation. And effects of humour therapy on older people with dementia.This film documents the study, and follows comedian Jean-Paul Bell as he delivers the humour intervention to residents in aged care facilities.
This heart-warming film provides a fascinating insight into how life can be improved in aged care facilities and shows we don’t stop living, till we stop breathing.
Puppetry in dementia care : connecting through creativity and joy
Even in later stages of the disease, when memory, words and relationships are affected, it is possible for people with dementia to express emotions, imagination, humour, sensitivities and personal preferences.
Step-by-step instructions and templates for making a variety of puppets are also included. This thought-provoking book will be a source of inspiration and practical ideas for care staff and activity coordinators, creative arts therapists, occupational therapists, puppeteers and other artists working in care settings, as well as relatives of people with dementia looking for new ways to connect with their loved ones.
Loving, the essence of being a butterfly in dementia care
"this is not a book on activities but on connecting to the essence of living "...
The book offers a practical approach on how to increase connections with people living with a dementia. The book identifies what it takes to ensure the essence of living is at the heart of a care home. Each essence of "being" in dementia care is explained and includes a wide range of simple but effective ideas for transforming a care home.
Topics include: the essence of mattering – identity – sharing – experiencing – usefulness – being ‘at home’ – friendship – conversations – play – groups – structure – surroundings - life themes – senses – music – watching – stillness time – the day and people – also includes appendices with ideas on developing resources
These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

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