January 21, 2015

Resources for healthcare professionals

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

Antipsychotics and dementia : managing medications [DVD]
Professor Henry Brodaty (psychogeriatrician), Dr Julian Pierre (GP) and Tim Perry (consultant pharmacist) discuss the challenge of deprescribing antipsychotics for dementia patients and look for alternative solutions for symptoms.

Memory, a guide for professionals
Alan Parkin
In the course of their professional lives many people need to understand facts about human memory. For example, a client who is suddenly "remembering" being sexually abused as a child may be referred to a social worker. A lawyer may be confronted with a client who claims "amnesia" when charged with a crime. A speech therapist may be asked to treat a patient who has memory problems. In such situations as these the professional could benefit from a concise and uncluttered account of human memory which deals directly with all the relevant issues.
This book provides an accessible review of the way human memory works for day-to-day use by many professional. The book begins with an overview that explains the basic facts about memory and provides essential information about remembering and forgetting. The early chapters cover the main theories on memory and relate them specifically to practical disorders.

The St Vincent's Hospital Handbook of Clinical Psychogeriatrics
This medical handbook covers a wide variety of topics related to diagnosing and caring for elderly people with psychiatric issues.
It is an enlightening quick-reference handbook for health and social service professionals working with elderly patients.

ADAS : administration manual for the Alzheimer’s disease assessment scale [kit]
1 booklet +ADAS test kit contains: 1 bed – I comb -- 1 flower -- 1 harmonica -- 1 mask -- 1 pencil -- 1 rattle -- 1 pair scissors – 1 stethoscope -- 1 tong – 1 wallet – 1 watch -- 1 whistle -- 6 word recall decks -- 6 word recognition decks

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