December 04, 2014

Some resources on natural therapies for older people

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Mayo Clinic book of alternative medicine
 Experts at the Mayo Clinic survey the most important and popular therapies, remedies, procedures and practices of natural medicine, delivering you the facts, based on clinical experience and current research and testing. From acupuncture to yoga, Echinacea to St. John's wort, and meditation to healing touch, Mayo Clinic provides answers to the most pressing questions people have about the effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine, and when it's appropriate to use natural remedies in place of or in conjunction with traditional medicine. This guide also offers practical advice for treating common ailments and incorporating alternative treatments into your and your family's life. The book covers areas as diverse as simple products that can be worked into your daily menus (i.e. drinking green tea), to more specific natural practices like massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine that can help address a specific health condition or improve your quality of life.

Alzheimer's disease: a homeopathic look at treatment and prevention
by Torunn Abrahams, Rose Coelho, Louise Hudson
Final project report for Homeopathic Clinical Studies, Diploma of Classical Homeopathy, Nature Care College.

Natural therapies for older people
by Wendy Rigby
Many older people and their carers, both in a residential setting at home, would like to know more about the benefits of natural therapies. Such therapies are widely acknowledged as having an important role in promoting health and alleviating illness. This book describes the therapies most commonly used and focuses on the particular benefits of each therapy for older people, both as prevention and treatment. A comprehensive resources section for each therapy enables the older person and their carer to learn what services are available and how they may be accessed.

Aromatherapy for people with dementia
by Judy Reed
This guide has been written for family carers and friends of people with dementia as well as staff in residential homes, nursing homes, hospital wards and day care centres. It is intended to introduce readers to the benefits of aromatherapy for everyone but specifically for the person with dementia. Although not designed to give in-depth knowledge or extensive skills in the use of essential oils or their applications it is intended to raise awareness of the potential to give care in a practical and rewarding way. It will look at the possible ways of introducing aromatherapy into a unit or home and help staff and carers to understand and experience the benefits of aromatherapy.
Throughout the guide we have introduced exercise boxes, which are intended to prompt your thinking.

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