November 27, 2014

Music therapy & art therapy for neuro-degenerative disease

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Music therapy and neurobiological rehabilitation : performing healthThe authors show that music therapy is an effective intervention in neurological rehabilitation that successfully facilitates communication with those who are deemed uncommunicative and can aid rehabilitation of clients affected by dementia, traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis, among other neuro-generative diseases. Music Therapy and Neurological Rehabilitation is an authoritative and comprehensive text that will be of interest to practicing music therapists, students and academics in the field.

Transcending dementia through the TTAP method : a new psychology of art brain, and cognitionParticipation in the creative arts has been shown to promote cell growth that enhances the brain’s ability to learn and recall new information, create new ideas, and make new connections. Using 12 separate forms of creative expression — ranging from sculpture and painting to physical movement and mental imagery — TTAP builds on themes in an integrative way that helps each individual with dementia draw upon memories, feelings, and intellectual reserves that promote positive self-regard and active social participation. Sample activity protocols guide you through the process of engagement to help you quickly master the steps.

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