November 27, 2014

DVDs for training

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on
Delirium care of the confused hospitalised older person
Agency for Clinical Innovation
Chapter 1 – Doctors and Delirium by Dr Helen Creasey
Chapter 2 – The Nurse's Perspective on Delirium - by Julia Poole RN PhD and Anne Hoolahan
Chapter 3 - Carer Experiences with Delirium

Courageous conversations
Alzheimer's Australia NSW
'My story hasn’t ended…just the ending has changed'. Take a look at these Courageous Conversations featuring people with dementia."
Courageous Conversations, a new short film series developed by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, features people living with dementia talking candidly about what people should know about the condition, along with the good and bad that comes with living with dementia.
This includes loneliness as friends no longer visit, a misconception that dementia is contagious, and memory loss. They also talk about the unexpected positive things that have happened following their diagnosis, including the people that have come forward offering help and learning their self-worth.

Is It Dementia : A resource for recognising the signs of dementia
Produced by Alzheimer's Australia SA
The DVD includes resources on recognising dementia for those in the Transport, Emergency Services, Retail, Fire, Banking and Correctional Services industries.
As well as videos of different scenarios, such as “The Tricky Passenger” which walk viewers through a case study, there are also fact sheets, facilitator question sets and transcripts of the video case studies available on this DVD at

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