November 06, 2014

book review - have the men had enough? a novel

Book Review

"A moving story, a condemnation of the way we treat our old friends and loves, a rage against the dying of the light" -- Philip Howard The Times "A novel painfully full of feeling, and totally credible-the passion shines through" -- Isabel Quigly Financial Times "A memorably touching story about the pressures on a family trying to do their best... A wonderfully accurate, powerful and even funny portrait" -- Graham Lord
Men had enough was a very funny and emotional book. It was well written . Although the book does not have the same action and compelling drama as some, it does keep you laughing and crying the whole way through, it did me the world of good!! 
Sunday Express "It is close to life in a way we hardly expect a novel to be, and finally very moving" -- Hilary Mantel Daily Telegraph "An extremely skilful and angry novel...beautifully written" -- Anita Brookner Spectator
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