November 26, 2014

Aged care Insite October - November 2014

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NEWS p. 4-16

  • Early onset, earlier detection  - new blood test promises increased accuracy in advanced screening for Alzheimer’s disease, p.4
  • Low rankings for senior security – Australia trails many other countries in poverty rates and person safety p. 6
  • A social brain is a healthier brain – maintaining ties to people helps keep the mind young,  p. 7
  • Informal carers front and centre – Research, activities put the focus on people looking after their loved ones with cancer, p. 7
  • ACSA targets workforce policy – forum tresses need for more staff, prioritises housing and taxation issues as well, p. 7
  • Advance care directives still too rare, p. 8
  • Decision Assist provides workshops and hotlines for GPs and staff involved in end-of-life care, p. 9
  • Dementia friendly = no isolation – Alzheimer’s Australia report Living with Dementia in the Community: Challenges and Opportunities tackling stigma and social isolation  p. 12
  • Indigenous health lacking dementia focus – Alzheimer's Australia report Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Dementia: A Review of the Research awareness of risk factors and prevention should be a higher priority , p. 12
  • Mental care across cultures – MOOC helps worker educate communities overseas to assist those with dementia p. 13
  • Arthritis study reveals frustrations of people with the disease, p.14
  • Antipsychotics & Dementia: Managing Medications film available on Alzheimer’s Australia website, p. 15
  • New advice on hips, falls – research touts benefits of specialized care after surgery and non-pharmacy approaches to treating depression. p. 16

Hurry up and do something
The recent ministers’ forum on dementia featured many ideas but no policy settings to replace the ceased Dementia and Severe Behaviours supplement, leaving stakeholders craving certainty
p. 18-19 

The Baby Boomers are coming
As the post-WWII generation starts to enter residential care, several issues loom large for providers by John Kelly ACSA
p. 20-21 

Golden aged
The rapid ageing of the population is an alarming development but with the right planning and technology it can be a chance for tremendous growth and gains for all by Everald Compton Blueprint for an Ageing Australia project
p. 22

Australia’s Utopia moment is here
Recent policy looks more like the brilliant ABC TV satire than effective change by Michael Fine, Macquarie University
p. 23 

A happy staff supports all
Facility design that caters for the engagement and satisfaction of workers improves outcomes for everyone from residents to the budget office.
p. 24-25 

Aroma therapy
Well-planned kitchens and meal service can provide mental and social stimulation
p. 26-27 

Made to order
For people living with dementia, effective nutrition and hydration require a highly personalized approach
p. 28 

Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday stage show
Audiences get fresh perspectives on youth and maturity from performers who act anything but their age
p. 29-30 

Focus on gains, not loss
Cathy Greenblat, the architect of a world-travelling exhibit on dementia talks about the power of positive images and what she’s planning next
p. 32-33 

Risk-protection analysis
Balancing out harmful stress factors with beneficial activities contributes to good mental and emotional health for clients, residents and staff
p. 34-35 

Healing options
Researchers test whether wound patients who don’t like compression will respond to an electric stimulation therapy alternative
p. 36-37

Swallow pills, not myths
A pharmacist clears up some common misconceptions about taking medicines
p. 38-39 

Youth is golden
The rapidly increasing demands on the sector require intense efforts at getting new staff into the industry; engaging with high schoolers can be a start
p. 40-41

Core competencies
Residential care providers are offering fitness programs for workers to promote exercise, health and engagement
p. 42-43 

Lead them a merry dance
Eight child ballet students have paired up with residents at Arcare residential aged care
p. 44

Everybody, join the party
Staff, residents, family members and the wider aged-care community of BlueCross attended the annual STARfish extravaganza
p. 45 

Unleash telehealth
Expert says healthcare professionals will find the best ways to improve efficiency and access through technology if policy changes remove the obstacles in their way
p. 47-48 

Real context on virtual wards
A model for the UK can teach Australia plenty about benefits and problems with translating hospital activities into home care.
p. 49-50

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