October 28, 2014

Carers - hints for caring and wellbeing

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

10 Helpful hints for carers : practical solutions for carers living with people with dementia
Dementia Centre, Hammondcare
This little book offers some practical solutions to problems that might occur when you are living with a person with dementia.
Contents: Introduction -- About this book -- Creating a relaxing environment -- Aggression -- Agitation or anxiety -- depression -- Hallucination -- Sleeplessness -- Wandering -- Organisatons that can help

Activities of daily living : an ADL guide for Alzheimer's care
by Kathy Laurenhue
This book covers the daily issues of dressing, bathing, grooming, continence care, nutrition and hydration. It is highly practical and surprisingly light-hearted. Families and professionals will find it easy to read and easy to put to instant use.

Memory weaving: an anthology of dementia journeys
Memory Weaving is an anthology of poetry about loss and love, the gradual loss of the person as dementia progresses and the loyalty and love that endures. The person remains - mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, friend... They have a history and if they cannot hold their memories then we must do so for them, to weave anew the fabric of lived experience.

Breathing : the master key to self healing [CD]
Learn the complete course of eight breathing exercises. Discover the power breathing has over your health.
Breathing : the master key to self healing. *Mind-body experts Weil and Naiman present information on the importance of achieving "optimum sleep." Covers: the roots of insomnia and techniques for overcoming it; the "spiritual component" of sleep and dreaming; eight practices addressing specific sleep problems, including three sessions to help the individual fall asleep; the connection between a healthy sleep cycle and an improved immune system, mood, sense of well-being, and lower body weight.

Celia and Nonna
by Victoria Lane and Kayleen West
A sensitive picture book about a little girl who sees her elderly grandmother move into a nursing home, and who papers her grandmother's new walls with artworks made with love.
Key points:
• With a positive approach to change and ageing, this story offers an easy introduction to a difficult topic for young audiences
• The special bond between child and grandparent is at the heart of the story
• Affirmative outcomes for families dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s
• Exploration of creativity and imagination
• For a younger child, the story can still be enjoyed at a different level – how a little bit of artwork can light up a room.
• Celia and Nonna grew out of the author’s time in the “sandwich generation”, caring for both ageing parents and young children – an increasingly common situation.


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