September 25, 2014

Carers' stories

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Singing in the rain : weathering the storm of dementia with humour, love and patience
Vicky Ruppert and Ann Henderberg
Two caregivers chronicle the last three years of their husbands’ dementia. Vicky and Ann tell their story as they act as each other’s support system through countless e-mails and journal entries. Parts of the book are surprisingly comical, poignant, and understandably tragic. The reader follows the authors from their meeting and bonding to their husbands’ deaths and beyond.
The second part of the book is a primer for every caregiver’s arsenal. It is full of no-nonsense tips and ideas. They run the gamut from picking the right doctor, working through the maze of financial issues, and aids for getting through each challenge, to the search for a good nursing home and the documents needed when applying for Medicaid.

 The dhance : a caregiver’s search for meaning
THE DHANCE is a journey into acceptance and realization that God is everywhere, even in my precious wife's cancer. Speaking with many caregivers and from my own experience has led me to understand there are some incredible gifts in our pain. One gift is a level of love beyond what we ever experienced before. "I let everything be as it is" has become a mantra for me. I have learned I cannot get caught up in grief because I will become totally ineffective and can't be there for Carol. This is my search for meaning and for God.   Coy F. Cross,  author

A Slice Without Passionfruit
by Christie Arthur
Christie Arthur recently completed her Higher School Certificate (HSC). As part of her Extension 2 English Course, she was required to compose an original Major Work. Her Major Work comprises a collection of short stories about her life touched by Alzheimer’s disease.

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