July 28, 2014

Journal of Dementia Care - July/August 2014

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News highlights p. 6-8

  • Failures in Scotland’s NHS continuing care for people with dementia
  • Global dementia alliance launched during World Health Assembly in Geneva
  • G8 legacy events follow up summit discussions
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK campaign for long-term dementia strategy

JDC asks….
What should be done to improve implementation of the mental Capacity Act (2005)?
Natalie Saunders, Director of Independent Care Consultants; George McNamara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the Alzheimer’s Society; Peter Edwards, mental capacity human rights lawyer; Richard Tucker, Mental Health Legislation Training Officer NHS Foundation Trust
p. 8-9

Active living: what works
An investigation into the reasons why people with dementia and their carers do – and do not – stay physically active
p. 10-11 

Technology, fun and games
Lessons from running technology groups for people with dementia
p. 12-13

Support model works well
Findings from an evaluation of an Alzheimer’s society dementia support service.
p. 14-15

Introducing #demphd
An online discussion forum for students of dementia, which makes use of the social media platform Twitter
p. 16-17 

Making a difference in dementia education
The importance of a consistent and inclusive approach to dementia education for all professions and work done to develop a Curriculum for dementia education
p. 18-21 

Vibrant Communities: the care homes of the future
Activities in the care sector, and emerging evidence in favour of participatory approaches, and Ladder to the Moon organization
p. 22-25 

Progress on developing research in care homes
This article discusses the background, culture and context of research within the care home sector as a provider of care in comparison with the NHS
p. 26-28

The benefits of activity on an acute medical ward
Four case studies from observational research that studied the responses of people with dementia to increased social interaction and activity on a hospital ward
p. 29-31

Animal-assisted therapy in dementia care: a critical appraisal of evidence
Research evidence highlights that AAT has the potential to be a high-quality complementary therapeutic intervention in dementia care
p. 32-33 

Continence : a priority for research and practice
p. 35-36 

Research summaries – p. 36
  • Black and Minority Ethnic carers’ experiences
  • Capacity and best interests
  • Reminiscence
Finding the why: enabling active participation in life in aged care [DVD]
Photographer Cathy Greenblat’s work features in this new short film.  The film was made during Cathy’s one week visit to Starrett Lodge in HamlynTerrace New South Wales where she used photography and film to capture the care being offered there to people living with dementia.
The Library has this DVD for loan  

Dementiacarer.net – a new website aimed at family carers of people living with dementia.  The website includes around 100 short video interviews with carers talking about how they have developed ways of coping with everyday problems. 

Listen, talk, connect: communicating with people living with dementia – free guide from Care UK aimed at family carers, relatives and friends.  Download from www.careuk.com.

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