June 10, 2014

Movies featuring characters with dementia

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

Angel's Perch [DVD]
When his grandmother Polly is found wandering outside one morning, Jack, a successful architect, must travel back to his tiny hometown in the mountains of West Virginia to deal with her worsening Alzheimer's. But what was intended to be a quick, under-the-radar trip becomes complicated when no nursing home will take Polly. Torn between the career opportunity of a lifetime, caring for his last living relative and running from his own painful memories, Jack's carefully constructed life begins to unravel. As the town prepares to honor Polly's life by crowning her the "Queen of Cass" at the local festival, Jack struggles to hide his secret from them all. But when a childhood friend forces it out of him, Jack must choose between standing still or facing the pain of his past, so that he can finally move on with his life. Set almost entirely in the small, historic logging town of Cass, WV, Angel's Perch examines the delicate relationship between past and present, memory and loss.

The iron lady [DVD]
A surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. One of the 20th century's most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world.

One special night [DVD]
Romantic drama starring Julie Andrews and James Garner.  The story opens we find these two individuals, Robert and Catherine living and working in the same part of Montreal without knowing each other. Just as the Christmas season is getting underway Robert becomes stranded at the hospital after visiting his wife who is suffering from Alzheimers, due to a sudden heavy blizzard. hospital worker Catherine impulsively offers him a lift home in her car and to say the pair immediately have a clash of wills is an understatement as they disagree on everything to do with life and people however the pair face an even worse dilemma when Catherine's car slides off the road and the pair become lost.

About Schmidt [DVD]
Warren Schmidt is about the taste the not-so-sweet slice of life. When he retired, he and his wife, Helen, had big plans - but an unexpected twist changes everything. Now, all of Schmidt's attention is focused on his daughter's upcoming wedding to a loser waterbed salesman. From meeting the groom's hippie parents to sponsoring a Tanzanian foster child, Schmidt embarks on a search for answers, only to discover that life is full of trick questions.

Email the library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au  for a full list of our collection of movies featuring characters with dementia.

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