June 19, 2014

Core DVDs to watch for learning about dementia

These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au
Understanding dementia
Alzheimer's Australia Vic
In this introduction to dementia, medical professionals explain its causes and symptoms, and people living with different stages of the condition show how it affects their lives. Strategies are presented to help manage the changes that dementia brings and to ensure that those affected continue to enjoy quality of life.

Understanding the brain and behaviour
Dr Helen Creasey;  Alzheimer's Australia VIC
People living with dementia are affected in a variety of ways, which may include loss of memory, problems with thinking and judgement, changed behaviours, difficulties with tasks of daily living and changes to mood or personality. The changes that are seen relate to damage occuring inside the brain and the impact this may have upon behaviour. Dr Helen Creasy, Geriatrician, Neurologist and Medical Advisor to Alzheimer's Australia NSW presents a clear and easily understood explanation of this complex area.

Effective communication with people with dementia
Alzheimer's Australia Vic
Understanding how dementia affects communication and finding ways to cater for the changes in people's abilities can help to make communication with people with dementia more effective and enjoyable.
Communication is one of the important ways that we achieve tasks, express our needs and stay connected with each other. People who have dementia usually experience a decline in their ability to communicate. This can be frustrating and difficult for everyone involved.
In this program, people with dementia and their familes and carers show some common communication difficulties. They also demonstrate various techniques or strategies that can help. By adapting these strategies to individual circumstances, effective communication can be maintained throughout all stages of dementia.

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease Volume 1 : Understanding Alzheimer's.

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's disease :  Volume 2 : Behaviour issues

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease Volume 3 : Daily Life

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease Volume 4 : Family Caregiving.

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's disease :  Volume 5 :Transitions
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