June 17, 2014

3 books recommended by the National Institutes of Health ...

Remembering home : rediscovering the self in dementia

Remembering Home provides a compelling argument that home is one of the most enduring and important concepts in the minds and hearts of people with dementia. It is a timely and practical guide to working with memories of home and should be required reading for anyone who works with people who have dementia."

When words have lost their meaning : Alzheimer's patients communicate through art
Shows how creating art can give people with Alzheimer's a means to communicate their remaining memory, thoughts, spontaneity, and playfulness  and how art can provide people with Alzheimer's disease a way to express their thoughts and emotions, when they can no longer communicate well verbally and words have lost their meaning,  demonstrating that art is not just busy work for those with Alzheimer's, but a profound and symbolic method allowing them to communicate.

Navigating the Alzheimer's journey : a compass for caregiving

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is more stressful than almost any other caregiving role. You may already know firsthand how true this is. With limited treatment options from the medical community, it is truly your care that is the most meaningful treatment for your loved one.  Whether the diagnosis is still fresh or you are well into your caregiving journey, the suggestions in this book will smooth your way.  Filled with reassurances and practical advice, it  gives you the encouragement and tools you need to manage the daily care of someone with dementia in a caring, compassionate, and supportive way.

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