April 30, 2014

Hugging Grandma: Loving those with memory disorders.

Picture book by  Zina Kramer
What happens when your very own grandma doesn’t know it’s your birthday? When a little girl’s beloved grandmother develops Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember things, how does life go on? Hugging Grandma provides a positive example of how one child copes with a grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. Strengthened by the wonderful times they shared together, the child finds ways to help her grandmother still feel useful and needed. Dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer’s is hard on adults. It is even more difficult for children. Hugging Grandma is a lovely and comforting story that acknowledges what the child has lost while teaching positive ways to cope with the new situation.

This book also includes the following sections:
• A note to parents – the author wrote this book as a catalyst for meaningful conversation within families who have a loved one with memory loss. When the author’s mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and lived with the family they learned how important it was to help her to feel useful and engaged in social situations.
• A list or interacting activities with your grandparent
• And a note on how to explain Alzheimer’s disease to children

Other picture books include:

Wilfred Gordon
by McDonald Partridge
A small boy, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, knows and likes all of the old folks in the home next door, but his favorite is Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper. Hearing that she has lost her memory, he asks the old folks what a memory is …
Striped shirts and flowered pants
Libby and Nana love to read stories and colour pictures together.  They plant the garden in spring and feed the songbirds.  But Libby notices that Nana is forgetting the words in books.  She’s mixing up the names of birds.  She’s wearing clothes that don’t match.  What’s going on?  When Libby’s parents tell her about Alzheimer’s disease, she begins to understand what is happening to Nana.  And with their
reassurance and help, she finds ways to be with Nana and still do the things they love.
Visiting Poppi
A young girl, Rosie is taken by her mother to visit her grandfather, Poppi, in a care facility.  Over three visits Rosie tells us of the people and situations she comes across.  She is very accepting of her grandfather’s  behaviour and they enjoy each other’s company very much.

The smell of chocolate: and Pog's Alzheimer fact file

Welcome to Pog’s world!  A world of midnight cakes and moonlight songs.  Do you know what Alzheimer’s disease it?  Read all about it in Pog’s Alzheimer Fact File.
educational resources include:
Ageing and changing : an educational resource for young people
This comprises  of a collection of materials developed for school students.
Contents of education kit:
Ageing and changing About this kit;
The smell of chocolate;
My gran's different;
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge;
What a day for grandad!;
Papa a story about Alzheimer's disease;
Ageing and changing an educational resource for young people : teachers' notes
Ageing and changing fact sheets (10 sheets)
These resources are available for loan to members of AANSW - if you would like to reserve them please email the Library on nsw.library@alzheimers.org.au

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