June 09, 2009

Management today magazine

June 2009

Tips for preventing stress in your workplace
1. Start from the top…
2. Identify stress risks…
3. Promote safety and support…
4. Seek feedback…
5. Share and follow through…
6. Review regularly…
7. Break things up - introduce variety and redesign jobs…
8. Keep stress in mind… p. 6

With interests in magazines, property, glass and music Ash Hunter CEO of Hunter 5 leads more than one business and is the driver behind a case study in diversity and niche market strategy…p. 9

Executive emergency - now may be the opportunity to rejuvenate your professional and personal life - looks at the new reality…p. 13

Financial housekeeping - rather than wait for the king hit during the down turn, SMEs with the right financial tools and processes will position themselves closer to where they want to be when the markets recover…p. 14

Case Study
Project culture - implementing best-practice project management methodology helped Ladgate deliver better products, services and commercial outcomes…p. 16

Coach Coaching - sports coaches know that it is the whole team that will deliver success of failure, yet business coaches are often only likely asked to focus on individual performance…p. 18

IR : back to the future
Workplace reform - pro-business Work choices legislation is about to be replaced by the pro-worker Fair work bill … p. 22
Work change - all change - Lawyers and HR consultants may be the big winners of looming industrial relations reforms… p. 24
IR - Gain or pain - despite the hype , and the little matter of economic downturn - SMEs can best avoid getting into hot water under the new IR policies by having sound IR and HR structures in place… p. 26

Leadership in Australia and America
US leadership and management theories need adjustment to suit the Australian psyche and way of doing business… p. 34

How alive are you? Personal satisfaction comes from achieving a balance between work and your individual self. If you have a professional life filled with meaning and passion you can achieve anything…p. 36

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