February 18, 2007

About Library News

This post includes the following ... About this site ... Information posted on this site ... Comments added to posts ... Information about authors ... Disclaimer ... Privacy and Confidentiality ... Advertising ... Linking ... Alternative web address ... Contact us

About this site

Library News has been set up as a current awareness news service to inform readers about: new items purchased by the library for borrowing, table of contents of subscription journals, library events, links to vodcasts and podcasts, online resources and more.

The posts/stories on this site are organised in chronological order. All posts are searchable as well as browseable by subject. Readers have the ability to email a post, link to a post and add a comment to a post. Note that comments are moderated.

Additional site features include subscribing to the news service via an email alert, RSS feed or audio RSS feed.

This site has been developed by and is maintained by Alzheimer's Australia NSw Knowledge Services, which incorporates Alzheimer's Australia NSW Library & Information Service. Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is a not-for profit organisation.

Information posted on this site

In the majority of cases books and multimedia resources indicated on this site are linked through the Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Library & Information Service online catalogue.

External links used on this site are selected for inclusion based on the following criteria: relevancy, currency, accuracy, transparency of authorship and accessibility.

All posts include a title, a date and time stamp (permalink) and posting author's name is included on each post. If any information is added or modified after the original posting date time stamp (permalink), a modification date will be included in the body of the post. Please report any broken links to the Alzheimer's News administrator/webmaster.

Also see Disclaimer statement.

Comments added to posts
Comments posted on Alzheimer's News should be designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician.

Site visitors commenting on Alzheimer's News must post information which is true and correct to their knowledge. Sources to health/medical claims must be provided when relevant.
Internets users commenting on Alzheimer's News must behave with respect and honesty at all times.

Internet users may not post any commercial/advertising comment. Also see Advertising statement.

Alzheimer's News is moderated. Moderators reserve the right to erase, without notification, any comment they judge inappropriate.

Information about authors

Staff from Alzheimer's Australia NSW Knowledge Services, which incorporates Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Library & Information Service are the main authors and moderators of this site. The site administrator/webmaster is the Manager, Knowledge Services & Systems, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. These authors are not medical professionals. For further information about authors please review their profile located under "Authors" on the right hand side of this site or go to Author Profiles for a complete list of authors who have contributed to this site.

Each post has a feature for site visitors to add a comment. Readers of posts have the option of either sending a comment anonymously or logging in via a Google account. Internet users posting comments on this blog should not be considered as health / medical professionals. The comments feature is moderated by Alzheimer's Australia NSW Knowledge Services as indicated above. For further information about this feature see Comments Added to Posts statement.

Also see Disclaimer statement.


The information that is provided on this site is not intended to be healthcare or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or to replace medical advice offered by physicians or other health care providers, but is presented for information purposes only as part of the Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Knowledge Services' current awareness service.

Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained on this site with other credible sources.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages resulting from use of this web site and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it.


This site complies with the Privacy & Policy Guidelines of Alzheimer's Australia.

This site uses Feedburner to deliver email alerts. Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Knowledge Services does not use the emails of registered users for any other purpose other than to provide email alerts for the registered service.

RRS feeds are made available by Feedburner. Refer to the individual web site’s Privacy Policy.


This site does not accept or host any advertisements.

From time to time post/stories will appear advising of a new website, resource or service; however no endorsement on the part of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is implied unless clearly stated.


This site is linked by banner to Alzheimer’s News which is also administered by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Knowledge Services. All codes of practice indicated on this site are adhered to by Library News.

This site does allow linking to Library News posts. Alzheimer’s Australia NSW takes not responsibility or liability for misuse of content, or for the content of those web sites which are linking back to this site. Also see Disclaimer statement.

Library News provides links to other sources and in doing so acknowledges moral rights and relevant copyright as being attributed to the linked service(s) and/or author(s).

Alternative web addresses for Library News

If you are having difficulty accessing Library News this may be due to spyware or your IT department blocking the web addresses. The following alternative web address can be used to access Library News: http://digbig.com/4sdps

Contact Us

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW
Knowledge Services & Systems
PO Box 6042
North Ryde NSW 2113

T: 61+2+9888 4218
F: 61+2+9888 4278
E: lis@alznsw.asn.au
W: http://www.alzheimers.org.au/content.cfm?topicid=187

updated: 11 August 2009

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